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My Life Changed on This Virtual Track

who are we

Hello, we are a group of final year Television Production students at Middlesex University and the project team behind Sim Racer, a documentary that will bring to life the amazing story of Brandon Abraham and his life changing race in Esports competitive Sim Racing.   

Micah Passman and Anand Tiwari will be the head, body and heart of this project and we are on a mission to deliver it to the highest standard possible! Micah Passman is the Producer, Co- Director and Sound Specialist; Anand Tiwari is the Co-Director, Camera Operator and Editor. 

about Brandon Abraham

Brandon Abraham is a teenager who lives in London and has a talent for driving. He is also an old friend of our Director, Anand Tiwari.

As a child Brandon broke the record on a driving machine and his father immediately began to nurture his talent. As an adolescent, he took up go-karting (becoming a champion indoor go-karter), and then motor racing in his teenage years. With the  global pandemic, he has been forced to leave behind physical racing for Esports simulated racing.

Since embarking on his Esports career, he has become the youngest winner to ever claim the prize for the Logitech competition and has established his place among the virtual racing elite.

You can find out more about Brandon here:

Why Make this documentary?

With mementos of childhood passion and an ever-present bond between father and son, Brandon's story is filled with the essence of family spirit, overcoming adversity and chasing ambition. It also serves as a reminder that talent can be found anywhere, at any time, in any place. In addition to conveying these powerful messages, we also hope to deliver an intriguing and entertaining documentary about a boy's life-changing race.

funding required and why we need your help!

To bring our project to life, we need to raise a minimum of £500, although our stretch goal is £600. 

By donating, you will be playing a crucial role in helping us to bring Brandon's inspiring story to screen - at a time when inspiration and optimism are really needed. Your donations will help us to fund the resources we need to tell this untold story. This is no small matter! Any amount you give will help us get that much closer to the finishing line, and with all of us working together, nothing is impossible!

Here is a breakdown of where your donations will go:

Travel - £200:  This includes on and off-peak travel for - including train fares for one of our team who lives in the South East of England.

Food - £100:  Our project features various interviewees, including Brandon's father and his trainers. We want to make sure they are well catered for during the shoot and plan to offer them a choice of regular, vegetarian or vegan food options.

Promotional Material - £150: We want to access private footage and photographs held by Esport corporations. 

Contingency - £50: This is our financial buffer, in case we incur any unforeseen costs.

The production of this project will last for 14 days. We believe this will provide ample time for capturing and compiling footage that tells Brandon's story. We will then proceed with post-production, polishing and editing the footage into the final documentary - which your contributions will have made possible.

Stretch goal of £600

In an ideal world, we would like to hit a stretch goal of £600 as this would allow us to promote our film globally. These additional funds would be invested in film competition entries, enabling us to take our film to wider audiences and bring greater attention to it upon its release. 

And what if we go above this?

Overfunding would be a blessing to our project and its mission however, if we exceed our stretch goal, we will be donating the money to Operation Smile, a charity that helps children with facial disfiguration usually caused by cleft lip or cleft palate.


We'll be giving updates here on our crowdfunding page every three weeks during the production process because we hope this project will be as important to our sponsors as it is to us.


You can find out more about the great rewards on offer by checking out the right side of our crowdfunding page. 

filming in to the global pandemic?

We are all living in uncertain times due to the ongoing global pandemic. Taking this into consideration, we have ensured that we can adapt where needed. If required, we have put in place contingency plans for remote filming, including the use of external monitors and remote directing. 

To ensure safety, we have also undertaken Covid awareness and safety training and will be implementing all of the advised safety measures when filming 'in person'.  

Middlesex Collaboration

In the making and promotion of this project, we will be collaborating with other students from Middlesex University:

  • Middlesex MA Digital Marketing Students
  • Middlesex Ba Music Students 

Please spread the word!

If you can't currently donate you can still help us by spreading the word about our project to your contacts.

Please share this project with anyone you think would support us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in person or by word of mouth.

Your support matters.

We are very grateful for your time.

Thank you!

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