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My name is Angelika Przyimka and my business partner is Monica Saramago. We are founders of AiM Translators Association.

More about us

We are both currently studying an MA in Translation (Business and Legal) at Middlesex University. Monica is working as a freelance interpreter and I (Angelika) work as a paralegal for DCK Solicitors.

Monica and I are both confident and enthusiastic entrepreneurs with excellent analytical and organisational skills. We are ambitious and hardworking individuals who have always endeavoured to achieve high standards in everything we do.

Our main strengths are adaptability, dependability and determination to succeed in anything we set out to achieve. Utilising these strengths, we are now keen to take the idea of AiM Translators and convert it into a successful business.

story and vision

For our MA translation course this year, we studied a module titled ‘International Business Strategies’ which sparked our interest in pursuing a business venture focussing on translation. Utilising our skills, interest and knowledge of international business strategy and translation, we decided to start up AiM Translators Association.

Exceptional client service from a network of skilled linguistic experts:

We see AiM Translators as an interconnected network of linguistic experts offering professional and high quality translation and interpretation services. With our global outlook and dedication to efficiency, we aim to offer the best possible service to each assignment, at the best possible rate.

We are going to be a London based firm with highly competent translators from all over the world who also happen to be MA Translation students at Middlesex University. Those we have identified are all ready, willing and able to offer their translation / interpreting services. 

Fair opportunities for our network of translators and interpreters:

Our clients are not the only ones who can expect exceptionally high standards when they engage with us: we intend to offer fantastic opportunities to our network of translators.

Part of our motivation is to provide equal employment opportunities for translation graduates to those offered to DPSI qualified translators. Currently, within the translation/ interpreting industry, a DPSI College qualification seems to have a higher value and level of acceptance to a degree in translation.

For this reason, our priority is to employ Middlesex University graduates and provide opportunities for them to leverage their professional experience within the industry.

Having presented the idea of AiM Translators to our colleagues from our MA Translation course, they have already expressed their interest in being a part of our venture.

Our Services

- We will deal with many different types of translation:

  • Document translation (business, legal, administrative and technical translations)
  • Advertising and marketing translations.

- We will offer professional interpreting services for all situations and have the scope to travel nationwide. These will include

  • Conference interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Court interpreting
  • Police interpreting
  • NHS interpreting service/medical interpreting
  • Phone/Video interpretation.

- We will also provide transcription, subtitling and proofreading.

Languages covered

At Present, we can cover translations in 14 different languages. These include:

  • English
  • Spanish 
  • Polish 
  • Slovak
  • Italian
  • German
  • Greek
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish
  • Arabic
  • Bengali
  • Sylheti .

However, we aim to get many more highly-skilled translators on board so that AiM Translators can cover translations in 190 languages in the future! 

plan of action

So far, we have invested in the design for our brand logo, a registered office address, professional e-mail, and branded stamps. We are ready to work from October 2019, once our MA Translation course is completed. In order for us to make the business a success though, we need to raise as much awareness as possible in order to build a strong client base.

For this reason, we consider advertising and promotion crucial elements in growing AiM Translators. To aid our marketing efforts, we have already set up a Facebook page and a profile on LinkedIn and Twitter. However, we still need to invest in a website, paid social media adverts and newspaper promotion, as well as other relevant marketing tools. We are hoping some generous donors will help us to raise the necessary funds in order to achieve this and help us grow our business!


The charts below provides a monetary breakdown for all areas where funding is required:  

Marketing costs:

The money to cover marketing costs will help us to promote the business and increase AiM Translator's popularity. The graph below presents some of the marketing tools we would like to invest in and their associated costs:

We will be distributing business cards and leaflets directly to people in various areas of England but mainly in London. Our interpreters, clients and business partners will also help us to promote our company by distributing business cards which advertise our services and contact details. 

Other marketing merchandise, such as stress balls, pens, calendars and trolley coins will display our business logo and company details. In our opinion, merchandise is very appealing, helps to raise awareness and will enable us to promote the company brand. It will be distributed at workshops, in staff meetings, and at meetings with clients. 

Expenses relating to social media will help us to promote our business online.  


The website design is essential as we want our clients to be able to request our services via our website. We would also like there to be a login facility for both clients and interpreters. Additionally, the site will contain clear information about us and our company, our experts in translation, as well as the services we offer and our prices.

Professional look:

We want our company to look professional, as well as offer high standards of service. For this  reason, we consider uniforms and a form of AiM ID essential items for our interpreters. We want to provide them with a branded shirt which has our logo on it. AiM Translators company representatives will be expected to wear this to any translation assignment. 

In the 'AiM Translators Expenses' graph above, we also have a category labelled 'others'. This is a contingency fund for any unforeseen expenses. 

If we raise £5000...

If we manage to raise £5000, this would be fantastic as it will enable us to cover the costs associated with marketing, merchandise, uniform, web design, and any other key tools necessary for development.

If we hit our target...

If we hit our funding target, we will be able to invest in a mobile app. We see this as an innovation in the translation industry.

We believe an AiM Translators App will be something that differentiates us, so that our future clients  come back to us and recommend us to others. It will help us to provide exceptional services, improve time efficiency and increase client comfort levels.

Here is a percentage breakdown of all our associated costs:

Your support would be hugely appreciated!

Please share this project with anyone you think would support us and of course, if you are able to make any personal contribution and sponsor our project, we would be incredibly grateful!

Here is where you can find us:

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By helping us, the higher the chance we have of turning the idea of AiM Translators into reality! Your support really matters.


If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please, do not hesitate to contact us at:

We are more than happy to help!