Apartment 55

A project by: Oliver Canter

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Her cooking is to die for

Short Summary

We are a diverse group of Film students in our final year for Middlesex University London brought together with the hope of creating a short film for our final project, though we cannot do it without your help and support.

We want to create something we will be proud of and something you all will enjoy so please consider helping us by either backing our Film or by spreading the word of it. 

Now for a little about our short film, it will have a run time of 15 suspensful minutes and our genre is horror and suspense, bound to keep you on the edge of your seat. This  idea was created by our Director Polina Velkhieva originally set to take place in Russia and then adapted for London. She took her inspiration from such movies as Hannibal, Bury Me Behind The Baseboard and Cargo 200, along with also drawing inspirations from real life Serial killers, all of which our director had a deep interest in. The script was on her mind for a long time and her passion to create this idea is what brought her to finishing her script and assembling this team, we all loved her idea and this is why we will see it through.

What We Need & What You Get

In order to bring our idea to life, we need your contributions to help fund our film through its production.

We are asking for a total of £5000 in order to create our film and a minimum of £4000, this sum will go into our location, actors, equipment, transport, crew, set and props. If you do donate to us, don't worry, you won't be leaving empty handed, we have rewards set up if you donate certain amounts from bonus footage to sketches and scripts which we hope you will appreciate.

The Impact

By backing our film, not only are you helping us through our course but you are also helping us bring our ideas to the screen, bringing us one step closer to fulfilling our dreams of becoming filmmakers.

Risks & Challenges

Of course, the main risk is not reaching our goal, though we would still stay determined and not give up, we are passionate about this idea and will do anything and everything to create the film with whatever we can raise. with our full amount however we can ensure the set, acting and props are the most realistic as can be so that you can enjoy it in its full potential as we will be abe to crate the most realistic props, create the most interesting set and rent out our most desired location. 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't donate that is perfectly alright, there are other ways in which you can help, by spreading the word of our crowfunding campaign, it will help us reach as many people as possible making it more likely to gain donations.

Thank you and we cannot wait to show you what we create.

And please follow our social medias for updates on our project. You can also reach out to us if you have any questions by messaging us on our instagram.

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/apartment.no55/

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb-_GBAtGAp8yqH8QjLDmCA