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Before I named it synchronicity

Before I Named It Synchronicity is an experimental film in German language about Carl Jung's thought process and how this potentially culminated in the creation of his work Synchronicity.

The film is now completed but in order to publicise it and ensure it reaches audiences with an interest in experimental film, we need your help raising funds for entry into some of the better known experimental film festivals.

What led to the creation of this film

All my life I felt uncomfortable doing ordinary things and found myself most happy exploring new things and areas. I was lucky to discover visual art very early - I was around five. Things have changed, I have much more experience now but that sense of creative freedom, passion for art and need to explore and experiment have never left me. I have been working with sound for over ten years now and enjoy creating various sound "paintings" or "soundscapes".

At a certain point in time I realised I could expand this creative freedom by combining audio and visual, so  I made one of the most important decisions in my life - I decided to study film.

I am just about to graduate from Middlesex University with a BA in Film. Over the last three years we have been learning, trying new things and most important - experimenting! I feel that I have found my field of interest which I intend to make my field of expertise. I will explore experimental, conceptual audio-visual art.

Before I Named It Synchronicity is my third experimental film and so far my first most accomplished work.

I do hope that this film will allow me to establish myself as an independent audio-visual artist who's strong artistic voice can reach audiences and be heard world wide. This is an exciting time! My primary objective is to push the boundaries of contemporary art.

Why i need your help and where your money will go

In order to be recognised - this film needs to reach the right audience. One of the best ways to achieve that is to submit your work to dedicated film festivals (and in this case galleries or other institutions that promote contemporary art).

Some of the better connected and more well known festivals charge an entry fee which can reach £30-50 (in some cases more). The list of ways in which I can promote my film is still 'research in progress' and I am still looking for more interesting channels (e.g. institutions). Currently there are about twenty on my list and to cover their entry fees I would need at least £400.

Whether I manage to raise the specified amount (or even more) or not, all money raised will be used to cover the fees associated with festival submission (where applicable).   

Crew members

The team behind the film. The three crew members behind the film are as follows:

Maksim Stech: Idea and Concept, Director, Producer, Sound Designer, Sound Recordist and Mixer

Andrei Botez Chitic: Editor, Colour Correction, VFX (Visual Effects) 

Sebastian J.D. Romeo: English-German Translation, Voice of Carl Jung (Voice Actor)


In my video I explain that due to such a small budget I can't offer much in return for your donations but I can offer you things thank you letters, digital posters and a digital copy of my film to say thank you!  Go to the right hand side of this page to find out more about the rewards on offer.

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