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About Us...

Hello, we are ROJO Productions, a group of third year film students trying to achieve the impossible!

We want to make a film that speaks to many people about the pain of losing a loved one, while also tackling the hot topic of how Social Media harvests our personal data.

About Burnt on boTH sIDES...

Our film sits within the Sci-Fi genre but examines themes we deal with in the here and now: Love, loss and technological progress (and its pitfalls!).


Trent is on the edge of life due to the loss of his wife Ivy. While standing by a bridge contemplating whether his life is worth living or not, he gets a text from his late wife, telling him not to jump off. The text then directs him to a clinic where everything will become clear.

At the clinic Trent is persuaded by a Doctor to have a chip installed in his brain. Created through a biotech partnership between the NHS and Facelook, Trent is told it is a cure for depression and a way of preventing suicide but is the chip as good as it sounds?

Meet our Crew...

Director - Roan Lenihan is an experienced filmmaker. His great cinematography skills have won him awards and one of the films he has worked on called Potty the Plant has earned numerous awards at festivals in the past year in part thanks to his fantastic editing and camera work. This is the fourth film he has worked on.

Producer - Joel Lobo has come a long way since his move to London. He is very experienced in his line of work. He has produced three films in the past three years, all credited with having a impact on society and offering insight into certain aspects of life.

1st Assistant Director - Sandra Petry is a hard working Producer who has produced two films, both of which have won the hearts of their audiences.

Camera Operator - Umut is a talented member of our team who specialises in cinematography, sound and editing, and has an in-depth understanding of all the technical aspects of our film.

Art Director - Johnathan Tang is a well known dance choreographer in Hong Kong. He is also a very talented Art Director working in film.


Ivy (Protagonist) - played by our talented actress, Grace Hussey. Grace captures the complexity of Ivy's nature and her AI counterpart perfectly on screen. You can find out more about her previous projects here .

Trent (Protagonist) - played by seasoned actor Paul Brayward. Paul is an incredibly talented actor and conveys Trent's naïve, introverted and despondent demeanour extremely convincingly. Find out more about Paul here .

Supporting cast

We also have a fantastic supporting cast but to find out more about them, you will need watch our film!

Now Our Budget and why we need your help!

Now that we have spoken about our film as well as our cast and crew, it’s your time to shine!

To make Burnt on Both Sides the best it can possibly be will cost £1,500. As you know, we are university students trying to get by so in order to make this film, we really need your support.

We want to show our professional ability as young filmmakers and make a short film we can be proud of and share with the world. With your help, we can ensure Burnt on Both Sides is made to the highest cinematic standards. From the clip shown in our crowdfunding video, we hope you can see the level of professionalism we want to achieve with our short film.

The main costs for this film are as follows:

  • Locations – Rental of an Air BnB house in London
  • Art Department – Props and costumes
  • Catering – We have to fill the bellies of our cast and crew while on set!
  • Travel Expenses – We want to cover the travel expenses of our actors and actress
  • Post Production – This tranche of our budget will go towards the purchase of special effects online and a hard disk that will give us enough storage space for our film.

If we hit our target

All the money we get from any kind donors out there will go towards making this film amazing! If we hit our target we can finish our film to the highest possible standards and create some publicity by entering it into some key film festivals in London and Europe.

When the film is finally done, we want to be able to show it to you and hope it will be something you enjoy and cherish.

What will You get in return…

There are different levels of reward for different levels of donation. If you check the rewards section, you can see the different things you can receive in return for helping us make this film.

Sponsorship and advertising opportunities...

As our film will be entered into many film festivals, the opportunity of getting noticed is quite big so we would be pleased to advertise donors' businesses in the credits of our film. If this is of interest or you would like us to give you, your business or your product a shout out on our Facebook Page, let us know!

Where to find us...

If you want to find out more about our project or to follow our progress, please visit our film's Facebook page . If you have any questions or need help making a donation, please feel free to contact us through our Facebook page or this campaign page and we will reply to you as soon as possible. You can also find out more by taking a look at our personal Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Thank you!

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide, whether financial or simply spreading the word about our campaign on social media, word-of-mouth, by email or by phone!

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