Fleeting Moments

A project by: Bilal Bounit



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A cinematic adventure from London to the heart of Suffolk.


This experimental film explores the fleeting moments of train rides from London to Suffolk, using archive footage from the filmmaker's past. It takes audiences on a poetic journey of memory, growth, and the passage of time, as the filmmaker reflects on his journey from childhood to becoming a filmmaker living in London.


Director - Bilal Bounit

Cinematography - Rafael Pastana

Sound Recordist & Mixer - Ellie Ferreira


This film can fall under multiple documentary genres, including Experimental, Autobiographical, and Art Film.


The £250 budget for this film will cover train tickets and journeys to and from Suffolk, with £200 set aside for this purpose. With lots of archive footage already available, the remainder of the £50 will go towards food and tube transport from Hendon to Liverpool street for the crew as they capture fleeting nature of this journey of memory.

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