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A sweet girl, a broken man, a twisted life..


OP Productions is a film production company based in London. The company was created in 2018 and consists of a group of aspiring filmmakers studying at Middlesex University. We are in the 3rd and final year of our course, so we are aiming to create the best short film possible and put the three years of experience that each member of the team has picked up along the way into practice - and to push our skills as people and filmmakers to the absolute limit.


Our film Kristen tells the story of a young woman who is tricked and forced into prostitution against her will by a man named Carl, a pimp who only cares about making money and keeping his illegal business running. Kristen is taken to different clients' homes by a man named Philip, her driver. Philip is a man who always does as he is told but he and Kristen build an unusual bond thanks to the time they spend together, forcing Philip to question his morals. Will Philip go out of his way to help Kristen escape this life? Or will he mind his own business and keep doing his job?



Sara is a former visual arts student who found a passion for film during her teenage years through books, films and TV series. Ever since she came over to the UK, she has been following her dream of engaging in the creation of film production.

Alongside the skills that she possesses in photography, illustration, cinematography and editing, she has previous experience of directing films, such as A Daughter's Choice. This helped to peak her interest in becoming the director for her final year major project.

She's determined to make sure this film successfully conveys an important message and has taken it upon herself to do a large portion of the research into the subject matter.


Ever since Harry can remember, he has been interested in storytelling through a range of media - such as novels, documentary, films and animation. This was one of the catalysts that aided him in making the decision to study film and invest time in learning about the subject in-depth. Harry has worked on a number of short film projects at university such as A Daughter's Choice (Producer) and a stop-motion, I See You (Producer, Director, DoP). He has also worked on a number of projects outside of university such as My Fake Valentine and A Christmas Spirit. The experience he has acquired working on these various projects, combined with the research he has done into this subject matter will allow him to put all of his knowledge into action. He intends to deliver the best film possible for this years major project!


Ryan is a 3rd year international film student with a background in cinematography and script writing. His passion for the screen can be seen in his previous work. He was the Producer and Writer of Truth is, a short film highlighting the trials and tribulations of the black youth within London. He also worked as Cinematographer for the music video Take my number. His dedication to film is depicted through his keen attention to detail and creativity throughout several aspects of production.

Destiny Sarangaya - Art Director

Destiny first realised her passion for film after making her first short documentary about the elderly at Sidney Corob Care House during her first year of film studies in sixth form.This helped her recognise the power of storytelling through film and pushed her to pursue film at a higher level. Some of Destiny's previous works include set dressing for Life Gnomemore and producing/directing her own experimental short film, Turquoise. Throughout university, she has taken on many different roles, such as producing and editing but has found her passion for art directing with this final year project.


Why this story

This short drama covers a very important yet not much discussed topic. We want to bring to everyone's attention a story that speaks for a lot of young women around the world who have to go through and deal with a hard life of forced escorting, prostitution and/or human trafficking. 

And how can you help us make this film possible?

We need to raise £4,500 to be able to produce this film how we envisioned it. 

And what will that money be used for?

Well, here's a chart of our budget. You can find a more detailed breakdown below.

Actors -  £1,280 to pay our four characters for four days of shooting.

Travel - £600 to pay for travel for our four actors and necessary travel for crew carrying heavy equipment for our four days of shooting. Travel costs will include late travel for our late night shoots.

Locations - £900 to secure all of our locations in Greater London - including a cafe, two apartments and a payment to the council for our car scenes.

Food - £235. Food is essential if we are to keep our crew and cast happy and energised for the entirety of our four days of shooting. This amount will cover drinks and food such as water, coffee, teas, full hot meals and snacks.

Art Department - £215, which will be spent on props and costumes for our two main characters.

Post-Production - £500 to pay our editor, who will be editing, mixing and colour grading our film.

Miscellaneous costs (e.g. small bits of additional equipment, make up artist, festival submissions) - £270. This will be spent on things like gaffer tape, folders to carry our paperwork, special additional equipment like camera filters, a makeup artist who will be on set constantly, and possible festival submissions once our film is 100% complete.

Contingency - £500. This amount will be kept safe for any emergency we might have. Let's say, it's our safe money.


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