Milano Taproom

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Milano Taproom


My name is Charles Hoar and I am currently studying Interior Architecture at Middlesex University in Hendon, North London.

I have entered a competition for Milano train station to be transformed into something different - something that utilises the existing building but provides it with a new function.

WHY I need your help!

To be able to achieve this, I am asking you to help fund me so that I can use my ability to the fullest and produce the best possible design plans and architectural models.

My Story

I have quite a long story, just like everyone else, but I personally feel like my story is unique to myself and I hope you can understand why I am asking for your help with raising the necessary funds to bring my project to life! 

My financial status is currently poor and this  is not helping me with my studies - as design materials and software programmes cost money!  This then makes it hard for me to get the best out of my own ability and achieve the best grade and results that I can. I also struggle from behaviour anxiety issues, which I am slowly learning about. 

My Plan of action - where your money will go!!

The main things I will spend money raised on are the materials required in order to supply the competition judges with a final 3D architectural model.

I will also be using funds to go towards the monthly costs of various design programmes needed to help me produce my architectural plans, e.g., Photoshop, InDesign, Sketch Up, Vray renders and many more.

If I hit my full target, I will also use some of the money towards helping me to get to and from uni so that I am away from my current living situation – which will help me better myself as a student - and improve my mental and physical wellbeing.

What rewards will You get from this project?

Check out the right hand side of my crowdfunding page to find out more about the variety of rewards available to my generous campaign donors!

And what is the biggest reward I will get from it?

The rewards I will get form delivering this project will not only be a brilliant grade but the potential of having an architectural piece in my name. But the most important thing of all to me, is the chance it will provide for me to turn all the negativity I have into work and show people that I really am as good as I say. This in turn will allow me to just be happy again.


You can find a lot of my work at:

Instagram: CHarchitectsi

Facebook: Charles Hoar


I want to have a lot of people talking about the project I have and how I can be helped all through this challenge! If I could ask of being able to help me in this and sharing the information I would be grateful! 

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