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A writer who's failure to publish his work leads him on a journey past his final destination

'Mind the Gap' is a comedy following Barnaby, a failed writer. After multiple setbacks in life, his mind spirals with dark thoughts. After a life changing accident, he steps into a positive light and opens a new, positive chapter in his life. After finding friendship in an outgoing woman, Penny, they draw on inspiration from the commuting people of London, to rewrite their lives into a best seller.

Hi there!

We are in the final year of our BA Hons Television Production degree. For our final major project, we will be producing our Comedy Drama 'Mind the Gap'. Our team consists of multi-talented individuals, who have joined forces to collectively create the best possible production we can!

Our crew:

Producer - Tina Malinic and Jazz Halstead

Director  - Bruno Murari

Script Writer- Bruno Murari

Director of Photography - Martin Monov

First AD - Evgeni Vasiliev

Camera Operator - Gerssis David

Sound Operator 1 - Aydan Banks

Sound Operator 2 - Haitham Salim

Production Assistant 1 - Jafar Mohammed

Production Assistant 2 - Rafael Conceicao

Editor - Carina Moscattini

Colourist - Gerssis David

We are working with some fantastic talent who have taken part in numerous productions. Meet our Barnaby and Penny...

Barnaby - Tristan Pretty

Penny - Natalya Wolter

Where you come in!

We want to make sure that we produce work of the highest quality and use this in our portfolios as we enter the television industry. This project has the full potential to be entered into multiple festivals and gain us a wider following! However, we need your help! We need to raise £1,320 to make sure that we create a fantastic project. We would love for you to be part of bringing this all to life.

our plan of action

If we hit our minimum budget of £600, the production will be able to go ahead but we will be unable to finance our key prop and location for the story: the train. While it will still be possible to film 'Mind The Gap' using an alternative location (e.g. a bus stop), we feel the train is not only an integral part of our storytelling but key to the visual impact we hope to create. We want our final year product to be the best it can be, which is why we have set our hearts on hitting our stretch goal!

The following is a breakdown of what your valuable donation will contribute to:

Train hire: £800 - This is an enormous part of our production, hence the name 'Mind the Gap'! Most of the production will be filmed on a train carriage.

Location: £100 - Our character needs a place to sleep! This will help us secure an apartment for a few of our scenes.

Travel/Food expenses: £200 - Due to the amount of equipment we have, we will need to somehow transport it from each location. To keep our actors alive and active through these gruelling production days, we need to feed them!

Advertising: £120 - We want to ensure that we reach out to as many people as we can!

Contingency money: £100 - As you are well aware, English weather can be quite temperamental! In light of this, we want to have a little extra money on the side to finance a re-shoot if required.

Your Rewards

Your donations won't go unnoticed. We want to give something back to you to say thank you! Please refer to the awards on the right side of our page!

spread the word!

If you cannot donate any money personally, not to worry! You can still help us with 'word of mouth' promotion! This is an excellent way to increase awareness of the project beyond our circle and reach plenty of people!

Your support matters to us greatly. The following are links to our social media pages. Please share this with anyone you think would help!

Facebook - MTG2018

Instagram - mindthegapmdx

Of course, if you are able to make a small donation that would be fantastic. Every little helps and would be deeply appreciated!

In advance, we thank you tremendously. Let's make this dream a reality!