Mobile Sports Therapy; tackling the growing issue.

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Sports therapy brought to the patient's location at a highly competitive rate.

Who am I?

My name's Lara and I'm a third year Sport's Rehabilitation student. I graduate this year and am crowdfunding for support in starting up my business. The business will be a mobile sports therapy clinic (available to patients within a 20 mile radius of the SS9 postcode).

the vision

12 weeks is the current average waiting time for outpatient therapy on the NHS (connect health, 2020). This means many patients are not receiving care when they need it most!

However, the usual cost of private sports therapy appointments is between £50 to £75 (Bidvine, 2020)- an extortionately high fee for many people! 

My business aims to reach those who need it most; by offering sports therapy services at a fraction of the price. Ultimately, the aim is to provide options to the thousands of patients currently sat on waiting lists.

the plan of action

We will offer mobile sports therapy (this means the therapist is able to bring the appointment to the comfort of the patients home or workplace). By doing this we will be able to under-cut the price of most other therapy providers in the area, enabling our clients to benefit from lower prices for the therapy they need. 

Many therapy clinics are bound by the outgoings of renting a premises. Our mobile clinic will only need to meet the costs of one major outgoing - petrol. Thanks to all the modern equipment being so small and compact, it will be no trouble to transport to the patient's location. By reducing our costs we will be able to offer our patients the best price possible. 

Our pricing model

Our clinic will offer FREE first consultations/diagnosis and charge £30 for subsequent 45min appointments. 

Why we need your help

In order to make this plan a reality we need crowdfunding support. There are going to be several start-up costs for this business:

  • Massage couch- £150
  • Initial purchase of couch roll/ massage cream/ k-tape/ acupuncture needles/ wipes/ PPE/sanitisers - £50
  • Practitioner insurance- £150
  • CPD (continued professional development) course in acupuncture- £500

How will we be covid-friendly?

Under the current guidelines medical professionals (including sports therapists) are allowed to practice whilst wearing full PPE. However, as this is a mobile clinic going into people's homes and workplaces, we will be required to wait until we are permitted by the government to mix indoors to open this practice. 

Your rewards

Anyone who donates £20 or more will receive 40% off their first 4 treatments. (subsequent to the initial assessment, which will be always free of charge)*

* Please note, to be eligible for this reward, you must be within a 20 mile radius of SS9 postcode. You will only be able to claim it on days when the clinic is open.

where to find us

Social media and website coming soon!

Please feel free to contact us via MDXCrowdfund for any further information.

please spread the word

Please tell everyone you can about this page (even if you can't donate, just promoting the project gives us a greater chance!). Your support is greatly appreciated.