The Beauty of Morocco

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Following a social media influencer, who explores the beauty and fashion of Morocco

Who we are

Hey, thanks for clicking on our page! A bit more about us, we are a group of young students who have a passion for TV and want to show diversity in the world of media.

We are a crew of 3;

Director & Editor - Zunaina Hassan

Producer & Researcher - Malak Bouchab

Production Manager - Lousha Liddell

We are so passionate about this project and we have experience in music videos, TV, commercials and casting too!

-If you would like anymore information about us then don't hesitate to email me as all 3 of us manage the crowdfunding page. Email:

our story and vision

If we could describe our project in a few words it would be UNIQUE, INTERESTING AND SOCIALLY VALUABLE.

For our major project we want to make a observational documentary about the beauty products and fashion of Morocco. We are going to have a presenter, her name is Wildat, who is a influencer on Instagram with an astonishing 24,000 followers. In the documentary, she travels to Morocco and explores the different beauty hacks as well as the authentic Moroccan fashion. We will be going to a number of locations; Casablanca, Fez, Tangier & Essaouira. Our documentary is going to be posted on Instagram (IGTV) as two 5 minute episodes. We selected Instagram because that is the audience that we are going for. What better than to upload it on the most popular social media application.

Our main inspiration is each other, we love diversity and trying new things and our audience is young adults and teenagers as they can relate to us and we want to showcase our talents by filming abroad and exploring the Moroccan culture. 

We are so passionate that we have already paid for our flights and were originally going to use our own funds but then we learnt about crowdfunding and realised that this would make a bigger impact on our project if you donated to us.

Our plan of action

You probably have a few questions and wonders of why and what we need the funds for, well I have made a few Q&A's for you to get a better insight..

- What will you spend the funding on if you hit your minimum fundraising target?

We are hiring a camera man and will be paying him for his amazing work.

- Where will the additional money go if you hit your full target?

As we will be filming in Morocco, we will be spending most costs and travel and food as we are renting a car, we will be needing money to pay for petrol.

- What will you do with extra funds if things really take off and you raise more than your target?

We will definitely look into finding sponsors to screen our documentary so we can get more exposure and film many more in the future. 

- How often will you give updates on your progress when you're running your project or campaign?

Every day of filming we will make sure that photos and videos will be uploaded on this and our instagram page so that you can follow our journey.


Here is a breakdown of our costs because we want you to feel apart of the project!

- Vehicle Hire & petrol: £350

- Payment for camera man: £100

- Camera and Equipment Insurance: £80

- Payment for stall market owners: £50-100

- Printing costs (200 copies) : £50

Images and Videos

We will be uploading on instagram daily when we get to Morocco because we want you to see our progression from start to finish and you can get to know us more.

skills and expertise from elsewhere around Middlesex University!

If you are an editor and would like to be part of our project then please email me (don't worry about experience, we are in your shoes). Email:

How to find us?

We would love for you to follow us on our instagram page, it is easily accessible and you can message us on that too. We want interaction with anyone and everyone and would love any suggestions from you.

If you can't donate?

If you can’t donate personally, you can still help us by spreading the word about our project to your own network of contacts.

Please share this project with anyone you think would support us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in person or on your blog.

By helping us promote the project, the greater chance we have of turning our bright idea into reality. Your support really matters.

Of course if you are also able to make a small personal donation and sponsor our project, we would be very grateful.

thank you for taking the time to donate to us.