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Beauty without harmful bleaching

My Story and vision

For over 30 years, I have endured a pretty bad skin condition - from acne inflammation to scarring and hyperpigmentation. I tried creams, lotions from drugstores and natural remedies recommended to me by people but nothing seemed to work for my skin. I felt extremely insecure. I lost my confidence as the only thing people noticed when first meeting me was my hyper-pigmentation.

I was at my wits' end so I started sourcing and using skin bleaching products. These products can often contain harmful ingredients like mercury, hydroquinone, or corticosteroids, which can potentially enhance the risk of things like skin cancer and organ failure because any lotion applied is absorbed by our largest organ "the Skin" and enters the bloodstream. (Sources: NCBI - Skin Lightening Cosmetics, NCBI - Inorganic Mercury Poisoning Associated with Skin Lightening Cosmetic products, NCBI - Cosmetic Use of Skin Depigmentation Products in Africa).

None of the skin bleaching products I used led to a significant improvement to my skin, they just made it worse. 


                            For the sake of good health and wellbeing We say

and then came nyonga

And then came Nyonga for natural beauty... I was inspired to create my own skincare cream so that I can use it with confidence and without the fear of it containing concealed harmful ingredients.

Nyonga only uses natural ingredients and is free from paraben, hydroquinone and mercury. It is for today's women - who are more conscious of their wellbeing and the impact of harmful chemicals. It is great for all shades, even for sensitive skin.

What's in Nyonga?

Nyonga's main ingredient is pure snail mucus extract (this is extracted without harming the snails - see below for more information), which has been scientifically proven to contain skin healing properties. (Sources: NCBI - HelixComplex Snail Mucus as a Potential Technology Against O3 Induced Skin Damage).

It can help with regeneration, reduction of scars, stretch marks, hyper-pigmentation, hydration, anti-ageing, improving wrinkles and sensitive skin. It can give health to skin and enhance a dull complexion. Because of this, Nyonga says "No to hydroquinone or bleaching".

  Me after

How snail mucus is collected

Snails are small molluscs that invade our gardens and can be annoying when they eat our plants and flowers but they harbour wonders in their slime.

The molluscs are "milked" for their slime, known as mucus. Nyonga obtains this supply from a specialist company based in Europe, renowned for producing the raw materials for gastronomy and the cosmetic industry - and most importantly, for only selling pure slime extract.

Their production methods use innovative techniques for the extraction of the slime, ensuring the wellbeing of the snails.

The process of harvesting the slime is seen to be quite gentle as it involves dripping water over the snails to encourage them to secrete to mucus. The procedure does not harm or kill them and the snails are only milked once every three weeks. The snails are also fed vegetables and grains to produce high quality mucus.

British made snail cosmetics

Most snail cosmestics on the market come from Asia (Korea, China and Thailand) but Nyonga is British made. We aim to make it available on UK High streets.


To launch a skincare line, requires money. As a mature student, my finances are quite limited because of other commitments and it's for this reason, I am appealing to you, potential donors for your generous support so I can raise £6,500. These funds will be used to cover marketing, packaging and labelling, branding, as well as the costs of  re-designing the Nyonga beauty logo and getting some professional photos taken (I produced my current logo myself and took my own photos, so these look amateurish and not very professional!).

projected Funds breakdown

Below is a full breakdown of where your money will go:

  • Branding and & designing                       =  £   300
  • Marketing  & public relations                   =  £  3000
  • Packaging & labelling                              =  £    600
  • Professional photography                        =  £    350
  • Samples, Testers & Promotional materials  =  £ 150
  • Website & social media                           =   £    350 
  • Liability insurance                                    =    £   150
  • Testing & Certification, product formulation & production of 500 pieces = £ 1500
  •  Miscellaneous                                         =    £   100

how  to support

Donating even the smallest amount is a great help but even if you can't donate, you can still help by sharing my campaign with anybody with an interest in natural skin products - or who might be interested in supporting a budding entrepreneur!


Below are some testimonials from Nyonga customers...

"I wonder where Nyonga has been all these years gone, I spent a fortune on different skincare products to repair years of skin bleaching damage to my face. Some charlatans even advised to apply urine as therapy on my face but without success. I thank God because I have come across Nyonga cream today. It is my deliverance, my face is being repaired. Nyonga cream is rich and feels good at a touch."  - Ms. Dorcas       

"My face  was very dry. This lovely cream has helped to moisturise my skin. Just after a few days of use, I noticed improvement."  - Liz (a friend from University)

"As a mature woman, acne can be embarrassing, Nyonga cream has helped me."  - Hilda P.

Follow our progress                       

You can follow us on Instagram at@nyongaofficial for regular updates. You can also get directly in touch by email at eaglefield24@gmail.com.


Please spread the word with your family, friends even better in your community or social media. We are in together, we can do it. Please support Nyonga!

                         I hope Middlesex Crowdfunding gives me the confidence to follow my dreams.

                                 Thanks you so much for your time and donations to Nyonga.