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Following the story of Hip Hop group 'Somos a Familia'


SAF (Somos a Familia) was originally founded in 2015 by a group of friends from the same area. Sharing the same passion for music and same African roots, they came together to create an incredibly rich and distinct sound now to be heard across Europe and the world.

Our goal is to tell the compelling story of how they grew up and created a collective that inspires millions of followers around the world from nothing. With their combined views on social media being 8x the population of their home country Portugal we will portray their journey from humble beginnings, looking into the future.

Our Vision

Our group is comprised of 4 Television Production students and we are raising money for our Final major project documentary. Our group consists of 4 different nationalities from 3 different continents - together we are Brazilian, Angolan, Russian and Bulgarian. We can relate to how the group emigrated from Africa to growing up in Europe. Furthermore, the band is influenced by African culture and is growing rapidly in Brazil.

We see this project as providing a different outlook into the personal lives of musicians. Since all of us regularly film music videos and music documentaries, we have developed a strong format and style over the years which we plan to implement in this project and future productions, thereby taking it to the next level.

You can find out more about the band here: .

plan of action

All of us own equipment necessary for filming, however in order to maximise our potential product we would like to hire professional filming equipment to enhance the visual aspect of the project. Aside from this, the money we raise will be spent on stay for the crew, plane tickets and car hire so we are able to transport the equipment.

We plan to keep the £196 left over as a contingency fund in case anything goes wrong with the project.

If we hit our minimum target we will be able to travel abroad and shoot with our own equipment, however if we manage to achieve our maximum amount, we will be able to hire out professional equipment to enhance the visual and audio style of the piece.

Furthermore, if we exceed our goal we plan to give back to all those who have helped and hire a venue for a premiere and after party as a thank you to all those who supported the project. We will also use additional funds for submission into film festivals.

Your Reward

As a 'Thank you' for your support, we will be offering exclusive invites to a meet and greet with the band as well as a first look at the finished project before anyone else.

Help us spread the word

Even if you can't donate, you can still help by spreading the word about our campaign as far and wide as possible through your own personal networks.Thank you for taking the time to find out about our crowdfunding campaign and for any support you are able to provide - financial or non-financial!