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Slapstick comedy about a grandma who looks for revenge after no one attends her grandson's birthday.


When nobody turns up to Willie’s birthday party, his Grandma and only attendee, Mrs. Bangor, seeks revenge on those who were invited.

The film will cut back and forth between Mrs. Bangor and Willie together, as Willie runs through the names of his friends who failed to attend, and Mrs. Bangor, alone, hunting down each of Willie's friends: Spray Tan Sam, Calvin Clean, and Legless Liam. 

Plan and Contingency

We are planning on renting a cottage for the grandma's house in Maidstone, not far out of Cambridge, as well as filming in locations local to the London borough of Barnet. 

We will film in several locations across Barnet and at Maidstone and for that we require a budget to transport our actors and crew safely to and from set.

We will also be looking at hiring two cars for the shoot to travel to and from set in an efficient manner. We will be needing to cover petrol expenses and also the fees for those giving up their time to drive for us.

If we can make the £800 amount the money will be split like this:

  • £300 on Location
  • £200 on Travel 
  • £100 on Art Department
  • £150 on Catering
  • £50 Contingency (along with contributions from the crew)

With this money we will be able to make the film, we all plan to chip in ourselves to the contingency fund so as we can make sure nothing goes wrong on set. We plan to shoot outside of London so transport will be a heavy cost, paying for fuel and public transport for those who cannot make it in the car. The money in the Art Department will give us enough to get the props and set dressing we need for the film. 

With the full amount we plan to budget the money like this: 

  • £500 on Location
  • £300 on Travel
  • £300 on Art Department
  • £200 on Catering
  • £200 as a Contingency fund (along with contributions from the crew)

More money raised will enable us to invest in better locations to shoot and grant more resources to the Art Department in putting together our sets. We will also have a comfortable Contingency Fund to ensure production goes smoothly and open us up to do more reshoots if required. 


Elliot - Hello everyone. I am from Harlow Essex and my dream is to make feature films for cinema. I picture this film with humour in every gap and we hope to give you a unique experience watching it. We promise you there is hard work and months of thought that has gone into the making of this story.

Ethan L P - Hello one and all, I am the producer Ethan. I’m a 23 year old writer from North London, I have a deep infatuation for storytelling medias of all forms. I write stories and look forward to producing my first project as a producer. I expect to learn a lot and look forward to working with the crew on this amazing project. My inspirations in film are Martin Scorsese, George Lucas and Peter Jackson. I fell in love with film when I was a little kid often playing with my toys and I am proud to be working on such a big project as this one.

Kawthar- Hi everyone I am from London, my dream is to work in the film industry and to hopefully make film more inclusive. I am half Algerian half English and my favourite genre of film would be horror and action. Ever since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to work in the industry. I am the cinematographer for this film and I cannot wait to produce something amazing. Please if your able to help and donate anything to make our film come to life it will be much appreciated. Thank you

Dan - Hello, I am the editor on this project and I aim to work in the film industry as a director. I taught myself how to edit and have been editing since 2014 but I am still looking to improve and test myself through working on a variety of different projects and genres. My favourite genres to work on with both editing and directing are Comedy and Horror so this project fits me well and I can't wait to get working on it. 

Max- Hi guys. I’m from London I have a deep passion in making films. I am the art director for this project. I look forward to showing you what me and my team have created.

Kas - Hi my name is Kas I'm originally from Manchester but have lived in London for the majority of my life I'm a 22 and a film student, my end goal right now is to become a DOP and my favourite genre of film would most likely be documentary - drama. I hope you can help us achieve this film by donating. Thank you!


Willie - a meek looking young man who lives alone with his grandmother. His naivety often leads himself and others into trouble.

Mrs. Bangor - a lovely sweet old British lady, but with a thirst for revenge that she is very good at hiding, especially from Willie.

Spray Tan Sam - a good looking young man who is obsessed with his looks, he’s a flirt and charms every girl he meets. And of course, has an obnoxiously orange spray tan.

Calvin Clean - a clean freak, carries Cillit Bang everywhere he sets foot. Always keeps his car in pristine condition, even to the point where nobody else is allowed inside.

Legless Liam - a skinny white young man who has clearly mistaken himself for a 90s hip hop rapper. He is bound to his wheelchair, but is always rapping like there’s nobody watching. For reference: Ali G.

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