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The Music show that puts songs in the limelight through the ears of another!

The Switch is a brand new music show like you’ve never seen before. It takes two musical artists of distinctly different styles - from rock and jazz to opera and rap - and forces them to give up their songs to another artist or group of a different genre, who put their own spin on it, hence the name 'The Switch'.


To make this production happen we have a large crew consisting of camera, lighting, sound, set, production, post production and assistants. The whole production is a team effort and we are all pulling together to create a successful show.

Our vision

We want to make this show because its a new and unique concept. We want to show that there's no need for competition, voting or judges to make a good, entertaining music show.

Music is a very powerful medium and we want to demonstrate that there is a whole lot of talent out there that doesn't need to be voted out, bogged down or have their dreams crushed. With The Switch, we hope that talented artists and musicians will have a genuine chance to show the extent of their musical ability and shine!

With your help, we can bring The Switch to the studio!

With your amazing donations we hope to create three beautiful sets for each section of our show and to cover lunch and travel expenses for our talented artists and presenter.

£500 is the minimum we need to make The Switch. If we hit this, donations will go towards covering:

- Lighting

- Set

- Travel & Food Expenses of Talent

If we exceed our minimum, that would be brilliant!

Extra funds will be put towards a screening of the pilot of The Switch so you get to see the fruits of our labour first hand!

We would also use any additional money we raise to show our gratitude to our very talented artists and presenter by making small payments to each. All are currently giving up their time free of charge.

Your rewards

We have some great rewards on offer, so take a look at the right hand side of this page to see what you could receive for different levels of donation!

Follow our Progress

We want to keep our donors up to date on everything that's happening on set and during production so we will post regular updates on our Facebook page and website blog. To hear all the updates first, follow us and share our page with your friends.

spread the word!

We know that times are hard and not everyone is going to be able to give money but something you can do completely free of charge is share our page with your friends and family so we get the word out about our show. If you are not on social media, you can still help us promote our production by emailing you networks, picking up the phone or simply dropping reference to The Switch into conversation!

Every little helps and its going to be an exciting project.

Thank you for taking the time to read our campaign!

The Switch Team