The Warrior and The Boy

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A short fantasy drama about responsibility, loss and keeping your head up in hard times.

With his mother gone, the boy is alone. A man in tattered armour appears at the boy's door claiming to be his uncle. He tells the boy that people are coming to kill him. The boy leaves with the stranger.

Our fantasy film tells the tale of a man hardened by war, a magically gifted young boy who is grieving the loss of his mother and the two learning to survive in the harsh world while being pursued by ruthless killers.

Our story's core themes are responsibility, loss and perseverance.

Responsibility - Despite their differences, the Warrior feels obligated to look after the Boy. Although they clash, the Warrior still wants to make sure the Boy stays safe.

Loss - Both the Warrior and the Boy have lost someone important to them. They both deal with that in their own ways - whether it's by silence or violence. The Warrior and the Boy are a grieving duo.

Perseverance - Times are tough and life doesn't seem to care if the Warrior and Boy are already down on their luck - it will still deal them another blow. The two must learn to overcome their obstacles, simply by not giving up. 

Meet the team 

A little bit more about us...

Cory Greaves - Writer/ Producer: A lifelong fan of the fantasy genre, Cory is overseeing all aspects of our production.

Luke Hyde - Director: One of Luke's biggest strengths is his ability to tell stories visually. He is a dynamic creator of visually compelling stories.

Becky Boyfield - Production Manager: Organised and driven, Becky will make sure we don't get too distracted!

Muaaz Chowdhury - 1st Assistant Director: Muaaz shines in the midst of production. When everybody else is panicking, Muaaz comes up with the solutions.

Ruhan Qaiser - Director of Photography: Thoughtful in his creative endeavours, Ruhan will always suggest a great shot.

Beatrice Louise - Composer: Beatrice is a true talent. Her beautiful chords on the piano and vocals will stay with you for a while. Find out more about her musics: Bea Everett (Music) on Facebook and Instagram @beaeverettmusic.

Courtney Buabeng -  Costume Supervisor: Reflective and precise, Courtney will be making sure our cast looks the part.

plan of action

Making a film is not cheap! We want our film to be visually stunning and to achieve this, we have to ensure we can cover the costs of the perfect locations, costumers for our actors, etc. Music will also play a critical role in creating the right atmospheric feel for the Warrior and the Boy's world.

If you are willing to contribute financially, firstly, THANK YOU!! If you are interested in finding out where your money will be going, below is a chart showing how we a hoping to divvy it all up:


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Shooting begins in February so we already don't have a lot of time! In January you can expect frequent updates on pre-production and we will be sharing prop fabrication and stunt choreography all month!! February you'll see us shoot the film, woohoo!!! March we will be in post-production, so look out for VFX breakdowns and editing tips!!

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