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A pioneering sci-fi e-Book experience. Explore future worlds in multimedia!

Who am i?

Hi, I am Luca D'Angelo. I am a Masters film student and I have written a sci-fi novel called Alpha-01: Cradle of Gaia, which I hope to release in sequences.

This isn’t just any old e-book though. I am looking to take it beyond text and add in multimedia elements like film, animated images, sound and illustrated artwork. You can see the visual impact I hope to create in the test video sequences included in my crowdfunding video and the images embedded on this page.

So, what is the story?

Alpha-01:Cradle of Gaia is a sci-fi novel set in the distant future and is about a super engineered woman named Gaia who is blessed with a genetic anomaly that makes it impossible for her to fail at anything she puts her mind to. This 'luck gene' leads her down a path of destiny that she might not have chosen for herself, but might just be the salvation of mankind.

HELP me make a multi-sensory e-book with a difference

My aim is to imbue my e-book - which will be the first three chapters of my novel Alpha-01: Cradle of Gaia - with immersive and engaging multimedia elements. The three-chapter release works as a standalone story but will also serve as an exciting prototype that I will seek to build on in the future.

While other e-books include multimedia as a side attraction, my intention is to add seamless video and multimedia hyperlinks into the text in order to tell the story and enhance the reading experience.

The way we plan to tackle our project has NEVER been done in this way before!

Can you imagine enjoying a rich sci-fi world with animated illustrations of starships, breathtaking creative film sequences with dynamic soundscapes, and sketches of clothing made by designers!

In my e-novella you are an adventurer going on a journey to the future. You get to see first hand what it is like. You might like it so much, you never want to leave…

To give you a taste of the weird and zany things to explore, here are some of the film commercials you will be able to access as you travel through Gaia’s futuristic world:

- Xen-Protein: 'The best parts of one million apex predators in one drink. Become your ultimate form.'

- YumYum FunYums: 'YumYum corp prioritises the yum factor. 300,000,000 doctors recommend a balance of yum in every diet to remain healthy and beautiful.'

- StellaCredit FissionDrink: 'Slow roasted in a dimensional time lapse for 4000 years then stirred by orphans who need a chance. Sip and feel good.'

And these are just the commercials! My whole e-book is designed to offer you a thoroughly immersive experience with a creative edge!

(Still from Creating Worlds: The Making Of Alpha-01: Cradle of Gaia)

What's the plan?

My intention is to have Alpha-01: Cradle of Gaia ready in time for Christmas 2018 and to make it accessible on your phone, tablet and computer. An instalment of pure digital adventure!

A lot of the work is already finished or well under way. The written content is complete, a large amount of the shooting for the film elements has already taken place, and a few visual tests have been created.

Once I have raised the necessary funds to complete my project, I will be able to ramp up workflow and start production on the more expensive and complex elements of the e-book.

Where you come in:

To start production on the more expensive elements of my e-book and meet my December deadline, I need to raise some funds, which is where I hope some generous donors will join me on my journey. In total, I hope to raise £1,000, which breaks down as follows:

- Illustrator costs - £400

- Film resources (for sets) - £300

- Programming assistance - £300

These figures are based on quotes received from professionals I have spoken to about Alpha-01: Cradle of Gaia.

As a film practitioner, I am able to do a lot of the work myself but the areas above are those in which I need some help. Most of the funding will go towards creating the e-book platform, as well as early resources and wages for the skilled professionals who will be crafting for your pleasure.

I really believe in this project and have already put my own money into creating what you have seen. I think this type of e-book could become something we see everywhere one day. As a filmmaker and writer, I believe I have the skills necessary to make the dream a reality. Getting the funding will really help me to do the story justice when it comes to visuals as it will enable me to provide you with a fantastic story and also amazing works of art in themselves!

If I hit my minimum target…

Essentially £500 will create a more basic experience but is still very doable. It will mean some scaling back of additional content and alien world sets that look less exotic.

And if I hit my maximum or exceed it…

£1,000 creates the experience as it is intended with everything needed. Reaching my target will allow me to create the full, beautiful vision of the future I have for this e-book – something I hope you will treasure forever.

Any additional money above my target will be used to essentially 'upgrade' the whole look even further, allowing illustrators more time to create, films to have more detail and an even more enhanced multisensory experience.

The future?

If you have donated then thank you so much! To those of you that really want to donate but cannot for whatever reason, help me by spreading the word to your friends!

Updates on how the project is progressing will be shared on the official Facebook page starting from the 3rd August right to the end of the campaign and beyond! So many amazing and exciting things are happening and you will get to be part of it! Go to my website for general information on me, what I have done before this and more.

FACEBOOK: Official updates will be shared on Facebook, just search for: @alpha01cog .

BLOG: Check out my new blog called The New Breed for sci-fi blogs and philosophising on the future of mankind! Here you will find theories on energy, dyson spheres and halos for all you sci-fi fans!

INSTAGRAM: Find me on Instagram @pointcapture to keep up with images and a more personal experience.

MY WEBSITE: For more information on me, Luca D'Angelo, check out my website !

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