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Blaif Magazine is a women-led digital publication for Beauty, Lifestyle, Art, Interviews & Fashion

WHo am i

My name is Daniela Pisciottano, I am a third-year student from the BA Creative Writing & Journalism course at Middlesex University

I was born in South Italy and shortly after graduating from high school, when I was 18 years old, I moved to London to study Fashion Styling and Promotion at Kensington & Chelsea College in London. It didn't take long until I fell in love with writing, specifically for fashion, which led to the decision of studying journalism at Middlesex University.

My graduation is fast approaching and, although I'm very satisfied with my job as a catalogue manager for the ethical fashion retailer MAMOQ, I believe it is now time for me to all the skills learned into practice. On May 28th I launched the women-led digital publication Blaif Magazine with the aim to produce fresh and engaging content, giving myself and other women the opportunity to work in a safe, relaxed environment.


During my years as a student, I have always been intrigued by the idea of starting my own business but I never had the tools to do so. In my last year at Middlesex University, however, I had the chance to study Entrepreneurship and that opened my eyes to the many avenues available to journalists and writers.

It was in fact after a few months of studying the market and coming up with a strategy that I launched Blaif Magazine as I was able to put together a few pieces for the Beauty, Lifestyle and Fashion sections in time for launch day, thanks to the work of two talented contributor writers. One of the most crucial parts of content creation, in my opinion, is being able to meet the deadlines, always delivering high standard work.

Blaif Magazine is also active on all social platforms and despite it being launched just a few weeks ago, the reception has been positive.

I am proud to say that the publication is entirely run by women; from our website developer to our contributor writers, bringing together people from all over the world, from a Middlesex University graduate who now lives in New York City, to an Italian student in foreign languages living in Rome.

WHy we need to raise funds

Our aim is to raise enough funds within the next two months in order to increase the magazine’s visibility on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Having studied the market, it is clear that digital publications with a solid number of readers focus mainly on growing their visibility on social networks and search engines, above anything else.

Below you can find a detailed breakdown of the advertising costs for one month only. If we hit our target of £2,000 we will be able to sustain our  advertisement campaign for just over six months, guaranteeing Blaif Magazine higher traffic through the website and our social platforms.

Instagram page promotion - monthly costs:

Current website visitors: 100/month approx.

Campaign price: $150 (c.£118) (price breakdown: $5 (c.£4)/day, estimated reach 1k-6.6k people per day)

Campaign duration: 30 days

Estimated website reach: 26k/month approx.

Facebook page promotion - monthly costs:

Current Facebook reach: 50 people

Campaign price: $33 (c.£26) (price breakdown: $1.1 (c.86 pence) /day, estimated reach 185-1.1k people per day)

Campaign duration: 30 days

Estimated Facebook page reach: 5.4k/month approx.

Google ads (to increase website traffic) - monthly costs:

Current reach through Google searches: 0

Campaign price: £152 (price breakdown: £5/day, estimated reach 12600-21018 views per month and 232-387 clicks per month)

Campaign duration: 30 days

Estimated website visits: 12600 views/month

**Please note that, if you decide to become a sponsor, donor or investor, we are happy to send you regular updates on our expenses to show you how your generous donation is helping Blaif Magazine.

Our demographics

Of course, all the adverts we will run will be primarily targeted to our demographic, which we have identified by cross-checking the Insight tools on our social media profiles and our website.

As you can see from the graphics below, our demographic places itself in the 18-24 years old (45%) and 25-34 years old (35%), which we had predicted.

Surprisingly, however, the following graphic shows a 54 to 46 ratio for the male-female gender which we had not predicted.

It is therefore interesting to see that our male audience might be wider than what we expected and that’s why we are currently working on making our content more “gender neutral”, in order to appeal our demographics in a more homogeneous way.

Lastly, it was interesting to see that, while we only targeted the UK as our main demographic area, our articles have also reached readers in New York, Rome, Moscow, all with a 1% reach and London with a 3% reach.

Your rewards

An "Investors" page will be added to Blaif Magazine where all our generous sponsors and donators will be featured. They can, of course, opt out and choose to stay anonymous.

Please also note that, as you will see in the "rewards" section of our crowdfunding campaign, there are a few advertisement options available which will give you the opportunity to help an emerging magazine grow while also exposing your business to extra visibility.

some of our articles

Here are some of the articles we have published on Blaif Magazine!

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Blaif Magazine is only getting started and, being a self-funded magazine, we would love to have more contributors joining our team!

If you're a woman and would like to collaborate in any way (with drawings, photos, articles, PR skills, accounting) get in touch with us at!






Ask sponsors to spread the word!

We do understand that not everyone is in the position of donating or investing in Blaif Magazine, however, if you could spare a minute to read one of our articles or simply check out our publication, that would be great!

Simply sharing our page on Facebook or following us on Instagram would be incredibly appreciated and if you have any feedback or constructive criticism, please make your voice heard and help us improve!