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The Album

about me and this album

My name is Boe Huntress and I'm a singer/songwriter. I have written and recorded an album called Thirteen Queens. The album is about thirteen female archetypes and each queen has a song.

The process of writing the album has taken place over many years, as I've lived into these archetypes. As such this is a hugely personal and important album to me. It builds upon my previous album Kiss the Witch inspired by myth, wildness and female empowerment. Each song will have an acoustic version and a produced version. 

I'm currently studying a Novel Writing MA at Middlesex University where I'm writing a novel also called Thirteen Queens. It's a feminist sci-fi novel set in the future, post environmental collapse, in a society run by thirteen queens. The album and the novel are set in the same world. 

Previous album cover for Kiss The Witch

Where your money will go

Below is a breakdown of how I intend to use proceeds raised:

£300 - to master the album (mastering is a process to boost the levels so it can be played on radio and streamed at high quality).

£400 - to mix the acoustic songs.

£150 - to create artwork and design for the album.

£50 - to distribute the album on all major platforms.

£300 - for publicity

Anything extra over this amount will go towards promotion and creating videos.

Thank you so much for your support! 

Here is a live song from Thirteen Queens

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So much thanks and I can't wait to share this album with you x

Previous album cover for A Female Power