Converting to Love

A project by: Juan Diego Lobo Alvarez

pledged of £3,200 target
How far would you go for love?


When Daniel and Maryam face the reality that she has to leave the UK after her visa application was rejected, her only option is return to Pakistan. That's when Daniel realises that the only way to get her back is to go to Pakistan, but first he has to convert to Islam in order to gain her father's approval. During this process he will face the disbelieve and the opposition of his friends and family, just to find out that Maryam's father has already arranged her marriage.

Why invest in our film?

Something as commonplace as a relationship can mutate into something much bigger, when two cultures repel so forcefully, making it onerous to find unity.

The aim of our film is to show the friction between cultural and religious differences, contrasted by the power of love and will power. As the saying goes, "God is love," and what better way to discover this than from within.

The film explores the challenges involved for someone to suddenly change their whole life, beliefs and routines, to sacrifice familiarity and comfort for Love.