A project by: Bruna Lisa Sampaio

pledged of £5,000 target
CortiPonta- 100% ballet shoes made with cork. It meets all our needs and it’s a sustainable product!

Hi, my name is Bruna and I’m the founder of CortiPonta and I have been a ballerina for over 14 years.

Classic ballet shoes are hard, stiff, and very uncomfortable. This leads to several anatomic consequences resulting in severe pain and sometimes if the injuries are left untreated it can lead to permanent damage in ankles and feet. I did some research and after reaching out to the community I found that, unfortunately, this is an extremely common problem within the industry. Dancers don’t have a shoe that meets all their needs. 

For decades, ballet shoes are being made in the same way and without any kind of innovation, mainly because of tradition, no one thought outside the box! Dancers demand a new concept of a ballet shoe that can be soft and adjustable providing comfort and stability, thus reducing pain, allowing them to perform to the best of their abilities. 

Introducing CortiPonta!

CortiPonta is a 100% ballet shoe made with cork! Thanks to cork natural proprieties CortiPonta is perfect to hold the heel and foot in an orthopedically correct position potentially reducing cases of plantar fasciitis and other forms of foot pain. Also, due to its hypoallergenic and high breathability properties, CortiPonta does not allow the accumulation of moisture and sweat, avoiding odors and the creation of bacteria, which often happens with traditional ballet shoes.

To make this happen, we will need the funding to do our Prototype and MVP. In other words, to make our product.

So if you are able to make a small personal donation, we would be very grateful. If you can’t donate, you can still help us by sharing this project with anyone you think would support us.

By helping us promote the project, the greater chance we have of  ballerina for over 14 years.

Your support really matters! :)