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Championing a digital revolution for sustainable development on the continent.

About Me - Founder of DigitiseAfrica

My name is Osarume and I am the founder of digitiseAfrica. I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and I  currently study at Middlesex University, London. I have over 10 years of diverse work experience as a Digital Transformation Agent, IT Business Consultant, Corporate/Public Policy Strategist,  and as an Advocate for High-Impact Collaborative Exchanges.

I am on a mission to advance the digital paradigm for inclusive growth across Africa. 

MY motivations for creating this project

Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, my motivation for the digitiseAfrica campaign is a personal one, and is the crystallisation of my life experiences. Early on, I battled a health condition which meant I was often in and out of hospitals. This left me at the mercy of a dysfunctional public healthcare system — with inadequate facilities, equipment and records. In some cases, it meant extended wait times even in emergency situations where life-saving care could not be administered simply because real-time access to medical records was unavailable.

Since then and during my adult life I have discovered first hand through various professional engagements that while the private sector has made significant investment in digital infrastructure, specifically in the telecommunications and financial services space - with remarkable results, the public sector has not quite measured up and pales in comparison.

Take Nigeria for example - it still remains unclear if efforts at creating a consolidated identity management database of citizens will deliver the desired results. 

What do I hope to achieve through digitiseAfrica?

digitiseAfrica’s mission is to identify and explore high-impact opportunities that galvanise key stakeholders in society towards championing specific collaborative projects that leverage digital and evidence-based mechanisms, as well as decision making that is based on insight and data - in order to pivot Africa into the 21st century.

We hope that by encouraging better digital infrastructure across sectors - private and public - digitiseAfrica will help to accelerate inclusive, sustainable, multi-faceted and multi-sectoral outcomes across the continent.

digitiseAfrica is aligned with the 2030 United Nations (UN) agenda for sustainable development and call for action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity — utilising the disruptive power of information and communications technology to drive overall efforts towards achieving the seventeen (17) goals as acknowledged by UN Secretary-General António Guterres when he established the High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation in 2018. 

Why is our mission so important?

The World Bank in May 2020 reports that increased broadband coverage reduced the proportion of households below the poverty line by up to 4.3%.

Furthermore, in his talk on the importance of digitisation to Africa’s prosperity and socio-economic growth at a Nigeria Human Capital Event in March, 2018 conference, Bill Gates said:

‘According to the best estimates, digital financial services will create a 12.4 percent increase in Nigeria's GDP by 2025. Meanwhile, oil accounts for about 10 percent of Nigeria's GDP. Imagine adding another oil sector and then some to the economy, but one whose benefits spread far and wide and reach almost every single Nigerian.’

These findings provide strong evidence to establish the link between digitisation/digitalisation and improved socio-economic indices. A positive outcome would be policy action on universal internet access to deepen digital and financial inclusion, especially in under-served communities.

Galvanising change

 While leadership plays a crucial role in shaping the digital development agenda, governments cannot carry the responsibility alone. digitiseAfrica recognises the power of multilateralism and building consensus towards advancing the digital agenda.

Through our campaign work, we hope to increase support for the implementation of modern technology and data capture techniques by shining a spotlight on the role these will play in providing the impetus, structure, control and lever to deliver exponential transformation across critical sectors such as Education, Healthcare and Agriculture. We will also seek to show their positive impact on the efficiency of public services (e.g. Energy, Water, Sanitation, Transportation), as well as their wider applications in civic engagement, security, the electoral process, politics and governance.

Our plan of action

Creating awareness through research, analysis, videos and commentary

DigitiseAfrica's primary purpose will be to create awareness of underinvestment in the digital transformation of Africa's public sector, highlighting specific intervention areas through a series of deeply researched and heavily published infographics, explainer videos and commentary in digital format. 

Insight from the research we undertake or commission will also touch on the links between good data strategy, digital innovation and the United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Lastly, results from the research conducted will provide a call to action for cross-sector partnerships with public institutions -  with the aim of exploring, amplifying and deepening the use of, and access to innovative digital technologies for shared value and a better world.

Creation of interventionist focus group, workshop and digital transformation action plan

Subsequently, we aim to launch an interventionist focus group comprising reputable stakeholders within the public sector and the digital economy. This focus group will be invited to a workshop aimed at highlighting specific areas for digital transformation in society and will be tasked with developing a framework, an action plan and mechanism for implementation.

Creation of private sector led coalition with government, NGOs and development specialists

In due course, we also plan to set up a private sector led coalition in partnership with key actors in government, NGO’s and development players. 

The partnership will focus on:

  1. Providing technical and financial support for practical high-impact projects that target data for good and the application of digital innovation to affect far reaching societal change. 
  2. Championing policies that advocate deepening digital access, skills and economy.  
  3. Assisting governments in their digital transformation journeys to support the accelerated delivery of efficient public services for stronger, inclusive and more resilient societies.
  4. Commissioning the launch of a television series called Digitising Africa, which will profile the people, projects, companies and governments disrupting the continent with solutions that deliver growth and sustainable development.

The purpose of this crowdfunding campaign

We have put together a stellar team and scoped the resources to carry out the preliminary work, but we need your support to get the project off the ground.

Here are the funding requirements and high-level breakdown of costs:

Data and Research - £3000

These funds will be spent on hiring an external consultancy to support research activities, as well as researchers, analysts (economic, political, legal and data) and report writers.

Our research will focus on specific areas where digital transformation has the potential for exponential impact. The outcome from this process will be an actionable whitepaper linking digital under investment and the SDGs.

Production of educational materials - £2500

This will include the creation of content for explainer videos that present researched facts and figures in easily digestible visual nuggets. Our budget for this activity will be spent on a graphics designer, copywriter and video editor.

Campaign team - £2,500

To ensure the smooth-running of the digitiseAfrica campaign, we will need a campaign team, including a project manager, website developer, and administrative assistant. This part of our budget will go towards funding administrative costs (equipment and stationery) for the team, travel and logistics, interviews, road shows and contingencies.

Digital Marketing - £2,000

To help us raise awareness of DigitiseAfrica, this money will be spent on social media promotion, including the development of a social media advertising campaign and sponsored advertisements on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. This includes the fees associated with the development of engaging promotional materials by a graphics designer, copywriter, and a video editor.


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