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Sustainable hoodies unisex

Who WE are

My name is Constanca and me and my best friend are both Portuguese and love fashion design.

We are finishing uni this year and want to be independent, so we have created a new business venture - Dirty Studios. 

Oversized comfortable and unisex hoodies, and most importantly... sustainable.

Over the years I've bought tons of hoodies and I have come to the conclusion that they are either made of polyester and have a life span of months OR they are amazing, comfortable, and last for years.

Dirty Studios - Our Mission

Here at Dirty Studios, we are on a mission to create a fun hoodie that is good for the environment, good for its owner, both in terms of lifespan and comfort - and fun for the viewer. As a graphic designer, I will be doing all of the design work for the hoodies - which will be a great kickstart for my career. 

Born in the second lockdown...

Dirty Studios was born in the second lockdown in Portugal. We wanted to keep our minds off being at home, so we started creating our own designs and thought to ourselves, why not start a brand new line of clothes that we love?

Our Look

We have a very simple style but love to mix colours and create cool hoodies - just because they're a basic piece of clothing everyone has!

Why we need your support

All of the design and production intros and colours are done. We are now at a stage where we are ready to produce and print our hoodies.  

At present, we have three models in three different colours and these will be sold at £50/60 dependent on the model and printing involved with each. 

Our start up costs

As a team of two (with me being a graphic designer),  we can create all social media ads and design promotional materials ourselves -  there will be no hires. All money we raise through this campaign will therefore be spent on the following:

- Production costs: £1000

- Printing costs (30): £33

Any financial support you can give us, large or small, would be gratefully received!

Spread the word

If you can't donate financially, you can still support us by sharing this crowdfunding page with anybody you think might be interested in helping us - or buying one of our hoodies!

Where you can find us:

To follow our journey and to get regular updates on Dirty Studios and our products, please go to: