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Get Plugged! is a morning entertainment show that will take place weekly and provide a platform for discussion and debate of UK music culture as it grows and flourishes. Its primary focus will be R&B, soul/neo-soul, UK rap, grime, hiphop, Afrobeats and dance/alternative music and given that strong visual content plays a big role in successfully making it in today's music industry, the production will revolve around the showcase of recent music videos. It will also be hosted by highly regarded radio presenters and public figures from the underground music scene.

Our aim is to raise £1,500 in order to fund the production of a 15-minute pilot episode. If we hit our minimum, we will still be able to make our pilot but the quality will be far lower so we would love you to help us hit our top goal and make GetPlugged! the best it can be!

Why is Get Plugged! Important?

Across all major UK broadcasting platforms, there are very few programmes that exist with the full intent of showcasing live music and performance but even fewer that devote time to showcasing new artists - particularly those who are unsigned. This is at odds with UK music culture, which is continually evolving with many innovative artists outside of the mainstream.

'Jools Holland Live', 'The Graham Norton Show', and most recently 'Sounds Like Friday Night' are the only programmes which broadcast live performance entertainment, however the opportunity for exposure of new artists remains limited in these realms, as the gigs often go to musicians/artists who are already well established. Furthermore, the monopolisation of music television by Channel 4 means that popular music in the UK is defined on a corporate level. The same is true for national radio, which is dominated by the Ed Sheerans and the Rita Oras, leaving limited room for up and coming/unsigned artists to get their voices heard - despite their talent.

Get Plugged! will not only stand out from the crowd by giving more air time to new and unsigned artists (there will be many opportunities), but also by placing the power in the hands of the people, through audience engagement, social media and voting. It's about time this conversation became two-way.

Production format

The show will be described as a ‘listening party’ for those invited to join the live audience in the studio – this sets the expectation of wicked new tunes, a relaxed vibe and space to get a groove on!

The format of the show will revolve around the showcase of recent music videos across the R&B, grime, UK rap, soul/neo-soul, Afrobeats, Hip-hop, alternative and dance genres. Expect to see a vast range of artists and music and their accompanying visuals as we collectively discover who is at the forefront of the UK's ever-evolving underground music culture.

The Pilot

In the 15-minute pilot show three music videos will be presented and then undergo deliberation - firstly by the live studio audience who, after each song, will be asked to cast their vote. The presenters will then debate each, examining what they like/don't like about them and taking a range of elements into consideration.

It will open with a segment on music and culture related news. The three presenters will shine a spotlight on the week's new releases (singles and albums), review live performance shows they have attended and examine the week's current affairs from a youth perspective. To make the current affairs section more appealing to a youth audience, this will include 'culture updates' on things like new social media trends and news relating to rising stars within the UK music scene, as well as a political segment.

The penultimate part of the show will provide a review of the upcoming events in and around London for anybody who needs a reason for a good night out.

It will conclude with a live performance supported by a full band, allowing fresh UK talent to showcase their performance ability.


These videos are recommendations made by our network of music distribution platforms. This network is formed from a combination of personal contacts and well known organisations which work to represent the music genres Get Plugged! will showcase. These range from radio stations (Radar Radio, Balamii Radio), live event platforms (I Am Next, Level Up), online culture magazines (Guap mag, Pitchfork) and record labels (Polydor, Warner Records, Universal Records). This keeps things diverse and opportunities for undiscovered artists plentiful.


Our panel of presenters will consist of three incredible women who specialise in a particular area of the industry - whether it be in radio, live events, directing, editing, activism or journalism. This is one reason Get Plugged! stands out - there are so many talented, black women who are making moves across the music and media industry. Why shouldn't we celebrate them?

The women will be joined by the highly regarded Scully who will lead the news segment of the show. Scully's artistic flair, dry wit and compassionate nature make him the ideal anchorman to provide a fresh perspective on UK culture updates.

SHAE - singer/songwriter/rising youtube star


NAOMI - stylist/ceo of girl gang cyphers

@naysap_ / @grlgngldn

AISHA-ZOE - dj/radio presenter

@aishazoex /

scully - radio presenter/creative director/producer


The range of presenter specialities means that each aspect of the music video and artist can be considered in detail: from the visual aesthetics of the video edit and performance style, to the content of the song.


It is only possible to create the best version of this programme with the help of our friends, family, acquaintances, work colleagues and the rest of our combined professional network. In order to produce content of a high quality standard, there are costs involved. Please see the below table for how we intend to fund this production to ensure it remains high quality:


We want everybody who donates to feel as if their money has been well spent so there are a number of rewards available for those who donate. Check out the rewards section of our page for more detail!

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