Happy New Year

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A New Years Eve thriller, bringing themes of domestic abuse and sexual violence to the fore.

Scarlet is raped on New Year’s Eve, just as she’s about to leave home seeking a new life. Enraged with hatred, she embarks on a dangerous journey to confront the perpetrators. Her story is one of courage, self-discovery and revenge.

As our central character is called Scarlet, we would like to focus our colour palette around her name. Warm colours are known to represent danger but also excitement. We want to portray different emotions through the colours we use to show on screen. 

It is important to reflect the cycle of abuse that Scarlet is caught up in through our Art Direction. We are really focusing on the shape 'The Circle' and how we can use our props to represent this cycle.

One of our main challenges will be to get a suitable location. It is really necessary for us to find a house that reflects the expensive life of the characters as Rick and Fin are people of power. Finding a location that looks expensive unsurprisingly is expensive, this is why it is so important that we reach our budget!

Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse are luckily, becoming topics that are being spoken about more and more each day. We would like our film to play a part in contributing a powerful message to the existing campaigns out there that seek to increase awareness of the domestic violence and sexual abuse all too many women and men suffer. We would like the film to resonate with campaigners from the #metoo movement as we, like many people are, are fed up witnessing perpetrators get away with the crimes they have committed, all too frequently because of their status. 

Our crew are amazing and are working day and night to make this film a reality! 

Tashan Bahar - Director

Hi, my name is Tashan Bahar and I am the director of Happy New Year. My time studying film at University it has broadened my mind about the complexity of the subject and has driven me to want to push harder towards hopefully directing great feature films one day. The idea of directing a thriller is one that excites me. I really hope to build an experience in which the audience will shiver and feel the suspense. The challenge is executing a piece of work that holds such a strong message but also successfully captures the audience's attention and includes tense thrills associated with the thriller genre. 

Angelika Berczikova - Producer

I am Angelika, Tashan’s producer. When I heard Tashan’s first pitch for

the film, I found myself wanting to know more. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in the world who are in need of help, because they are victims of harassment and domestic violence. I really felt, that the film’s message is addressing a very topical social issues, and I want to use the medium of film as our power to make change, even if a small one. The idea of creating suspense with the language of cinema excited me a lot too, as I am also specialising in cinematography. I did not hesitate much when offering my services to Tashan to help make this film happen, and I cannot wait to create something worth of watching.  

Our task is to raise £4000, which is the necessary amount to make this film happen. The money raised will be split between the various departments of the film. If we meet our target we will be really relieved, because that will mean we will have enough money to pay our cast, book our location, make our film to the standard it needs to be and assure that everything is at right place.

You might wonder, where is the money going. The pleasure is ours to involve You in the pre-production process of our film.

  •  We would love to be able to pay our actors the appropriate wage to thank them for their hard and talented work.
  • A large part of the budget will be going towards our location. Finding the appropriate location was many times one of our biggest challenges. If we don't reach our target we may not be able to afford a location which would correspond to our set and theme, and this could damage the film's production value. 
  • The props and costume will need to be specific styles and colours to fit with our vision. Many items are holding symbolic meaning. We want to be able to buy quality products that look realistic in the film's setting. As there is a lot of items on our list, we also need to encounter the cost of making sure each prop reaches our location in time.
  • It is very important to us that our cast and crew gets to the set safely and in time, so we look after their travel. We would also love our crew and cast to be fed very well with hot food and with your help we would be able to provide that. Better food makes a better film....and happier people! :)

If with the help of the donations we will have achieved to reach our target, we will also have the opportunity to submit our films to different festivals, both national, and international. We would like it to be eye opening and have as many people look up and watch, as possible.   

To make sure that we keep our supporters up to date on how the production is going, we post on weekly bases on our instagram page.

Your involvement is just as important as anyone else's working on the film. Your contribution helps ambitious filmmakers to spread their message to the public. Our appreciation is endless. Please keep reading to see our PERKS as a sign of our gratitude.

Check out our perks on the right hand side of this page. take your chance to win some cool prizes or become and executive producer of the film! The raffle will consist of props from the film and prizes donated towards the project. Rewards will be shipped to the winner two weeks after the film's completion. 

Please provide enough information for us to be able to contact you if you win one of our prizes in the raffle! 

Please check us out on Instagram @sfprod.films where you can see the films progress and updates!

We are excited to be sending the film to various Film Festival around the UK and the world. We want to share this film as much as possible as we feel it holds an important message. The money we raise will enable us to submit to some of the top UK festivals. 

If you are able to make a donation we would be forever grateful and if not, a share on your social media would be fantastic! Having your support means we can make the best film possible. Thank you so much! 

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