Happy New Year

A project by: Tashan Bahar


WE RAISED £1,815

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This project received pledges on Mon 25 Mar 2019

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I hope this is a start to a very successful film career Tashan x

You are such an inspirational human being and I support everything that you stand for. You are the voice of a thousand women and I have huge respect and love for you. I wish you blessings in every venture xxxx

Good luck with the project Tashan! Best wishes Nicki x

Good luck for your project. I'm also a member of Team Perplexed Music

Tashan, the project sounds very interesting and also it's for a good cause and raises people awareness. I have no doubt you're such a talented young woman and a very efficient well-organised and skilled film director. I do hope you'll raise the full amount to achieve your project. I now look forward to the seeing your short film. All the best! Lots of Love, Sylvie xx