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Hello, we are a team of third year Television Production students from Middlesex University currently working on our final year project - an exciting pilot for a late night chat show targeted at teenagers and people in their 20s.

At present, there are a variety of well established chat shows, both here and in the US but while these are designed to engage a broad demographic across ages, none seek to engage solely the demographic we are targeting - a segment of the population often criticised for their lack of engagement in current affairs and the like.

By creating a show that is hosted by young people and interviewing upcoming and successful teen and 20 somethings, we hope to dispel this perception and get our audience engaging with everything from current affairs, politics through to culture, music and more. However, in order to do this, we need your help!

Firstly, a bit more about us

We are lucky enough to have a wonderful crew of students working on this project but wanted to introduce a few of the main players, who are as follows:

  • Producer - Hannah Alli
  • Director - Victoria Skopouscenko
  • Production Manager - Nyima Jarra
  • Gallery PA - Gaby Lafor

More about our Pilot

Our pilot will be twenty minutes long and will feature two presenters and three guests. We have currently secured two of our guests and are in talks with the third. We are incredibly grateful to the Presenters and guests who have committed to our project so far as they are well known individuals in the youth community and are generously giving their time for free as they want to support us as students. They are as follows


Pure Yinkz and Uncle D - both former presenters of YouTube university gameshow called 'The Big Clash' . You can find out more about both or follower them through their Twitter feeds which are:



Our two confirmed guests:

Our confirmed guests for the pilot so far are:

Michael Dapaah - Michael is a young English rapper, actor and comedian best known for portraying the fictional road rapper Big Shaq and his mockumentary SWIL (Somewhere in London). His comedy song Man's Not Hot has achieved 201 million views on YouTube. You can find out more about him on Wikipedia page .

Paigey Cakey - Paigey is a British MC, singer and actress from Hackney, London. She has been releasing mixtape since 2012 and her third featured Yungen, Young Spray, Sneakbo, Stormy, Chip, Snap Capone, Colours and Dubz. She is also well know on YouTube and has more than 78k subscribers to her YouTube channel, called PaigeyCakeyTV . For those interested in learning more about her, you can visit her Wikipedia page .

Once our third guest is confirmed we will be updating this page so....watch this space!

Show format

The pilot will start with a brief introduction on what the show is all about before moving on to the chat show segment. Each guest will be brought on stage individually and will be encouraged to share their journey to success in order to inspire our young viewers and discuss current affairs and trending topics impacting our target demographic. Once the presenters have spoken to each panellist individually, there will then be a games segment (with one presenter and one guest on each competing team; the third guest will referee) and then we will wrap up the show with a music talent showcase.

Our music talent!

For our pilot we are lucky enough to have secured Compozers who have recently completed a sold out gig at London's Roundhouse. You can check out more on their YouTube page .

Why we need your help!

While we have managed to secure the talent for our pilot for free and have access to Sony-designed TV studios at our university campus, there are still a few production costs which we need to cover if we are to make our show the best it can be.

Travel and lunch for all talent which is as follows:

Petrol for the band's van - £50

Tube and bus fares for our presenters for two days (rehearsal and live show ) - £20

Travel costs for our guests - £120 (our  two confirmed guests will get £40 each for their journeys and we have allocated £40 for our third guest too)

Food and drink for the show's talent while on campus (its the least we can do as they are giving their time for free!) - £90

Furniture to create a visually appealing set - £150

Contingency (for those unforeseen things that can sometimes happen when filming a show!) - £50

If we hit our minimum fundraising target of £280 , we will be able to get our talent to set and look after them as there is obviously no show without presenters and guests. Too make it a stand out production though, we would love your help getting us to our stretch goal.

If we go above our top target of £480 , that would be amazing! Any additional funds will be used as 'thank you' payments to our talent!

Your rewards

In return for your donations, we have some great rewards to choose from - check out the righthand side of our page to find out more.

Keep up to date and find out more

We will be posting updates to our crowdfunding page but you can also check out our social media pages for more information:

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/yours_truly_x/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/hannah_alli

Help spread the word

Even if you can't donate, you can still help us by spreading the word far and wide - to anybody you think would have an interest in what we are trying to achieve. We thank you for taking the time to read our page and for any support you are able to give.

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