Invisible Illnesses: Juvenile Arthritis

A project by: Liam Freeman



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Shining a light on the untold stories of young people with an invisible illness

We are a small group of Television production students. We are creating a short documentary detailing the struggle young people face every day when managing their Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA).

what is our film about?

Our film details the day to day struggles young people with JIA go through whilst managing their condition. We will be following the stories of 4 individuals who have been diagnosed with the condition at young ages, who all have their own experiences with JIA. We will be shedding light on a condition that over 15,000 children and young people struggle with every day in the UK.

Why is this film important to us?

This film is important for us to make because our Producer, Liam, has first-hand experience with the condition as his long-time girlfriend Lauren has JIA and was diagnosed at 2 and a half. Liam moved in with Lauren, 2 years ago and started noticing how much the condition affects her daily life. This inspired him to share her story and raise awareness to a condition that is rarely considered in everyday life.

meet our crew

Liam Freeman - Producer & Director

Sarah Waller - Producer & Production Manager

Daria Doksa - Sound Recordist 

Nick Postlethwaite - Editor

John Oyekanmi - Sound Recordist

Our Budget

If we raise out target budget, we will use the money to cover the costs of travel and accommodation.

Production Breakdown:

- Travel costs (petrol) - £80

- Travel costs (car insurance) - £120

- Accommodation - £225

- Catering - £75

- Extra Emergency funds - £100

- Any money we raise over our budget that we do not use during filming will be donated to Versus Arthritis, a charity set up to provide support for people with arthritis across the UK.

Your rewards

We are mainly offering thank you to our contributors as all of the money we raise will be used to make the film and donations to Versus Arthritis a UK based charity. However, we want everyone who donates to know our gratitude and we will make this clear by saying thank you on our social media pages and anyone who contributes over £100 will be made an executive producer in our credits.

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spread the word!

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By helping us promote the project, the greater chance we have of turning our bright idea into reality. Your support really matters.