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Don't look outside.

La Chaise  - Short film


We are a team of student filmmakers producing a short surrealist drama for our final year dissertation project. The film is called La Chaise ('The Chair') and is a take on social constructions and the role of women in our society. We have worked with a French writer, Ingvild Gillet, on this and will be shooting the film in France.

In order to bring this project to life and up to the standards we are aiming for, we need your support!


In a place where looking is said to be dangerous, a young girl, Bianca, is curious to see what is outside. Her worried mother does everything to keep her from doing so.

Main characters

Bianca is naive and kind. She is curious about the outside world, thirsty for knowledge. She does not have a spirit of rebellion, she is just innocent. She has not yet assimilated the social constructions of the world in which she lives and therefore questions them.

The Mother is a woman in her forties. She is cold and arrogant. She loves her daughter but believes the best for her is to follow the norm. She does not ask questions herself and is afraid her daughter is ready to question the laws of their world.

Our crew

Our crew is as follows:

  • Aleksandra Nowicka - Producer
  • Lucca Lutzky - Director
  • Katerina Sramkova - Director of Photography
  • Ingvild Gillet -  Script Writer and Supervisor
  • Canyon Crochet - Art Director
  • Lucy Evans - First Assistant Director
  • Jim Knight - First Assistant Camera
  • Candido Tarallo - Sound Operator

Collectively, we have worked together on a variety of projects and developed a strong, collaborative dynamic. 


To make our film happen we would like to raise a minimum of just over £3600. The production costs breakdown as follows:


  • Actors:  £580;
  • Transport (Cast & Crew): £1,528 (train tickets, bus tickets, car rental).  This would cover the cost of travel each day for some of our cast and our entire crew round trip to France. This was more cost-effective than any accommodation we could find in London. We are also  planning on renting a car during shooting days, so 'transportation' is our biggest expenses;
  • Catering: £250. For cast and crew.
  • Post-Production: £800. We have an estimate of £300 assigned for the sound design, £300 for colorist and £200 for the composer;
  • Production Design: £200. This includes costumes for the main actress and the curtains we are going to put on set.
  • Contingency: £272 (any unforeseen expenses).

Thanks to our scriptwriter, Ingvild Gillet, our location is free, meaning that we can focus our efforts raising the funds required for other elements of our budget.

what will Reaching our goal mean?

Reaching our goal of £3.6k will enable us to bring our production to life. By achieving this, we can guarantee the delivery of good production design, actors, as well as skilled technicians during post-production. It is crucial for our short film to be set in France and with the money raised, we will be able to get our full crew there.

 if we succeed?

Achieving our goal will guarantee we can deliver an accomplished final film with high end production values.

If we succeed our goal

If this campaign proves to be really successful and we achieve more than our goal, all other funds will be used for submission to more film festivals around the UK and any other distribution costs that might come in our way.

Our commitment to you

We are fully committed to putting all of our efforts and skills into this project and we need your help to bring this amazing film to life!

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Thank you for your support!

Painted Picture Productions team.