Last Touch - A Short Film

A project by: Bailey Manoogian


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If accepting death takes courage, what does it take to accept love?

Misha is a young woman who wields the power of death through her fingertips. Freya, her best friend, is the only person alive who knows her secret. One day, Freya arrives to a crime scene where Misha has killed someone. After some tribulations, they figure out a plan to bury the body in the woods. Once there, they must choose whether to confront their deepest fears or bury them inside.

Essentially, this short film is about the fear of intimacy that stems from a lack of self-acceptance. Being vulnerable requires courage, especially when having to accept your insecurities, but it's a part of growing up we must all face. We aim to spread the message that embracing your ability to love and be loved through vulnerability is empowering; something Misha must come to terms with.

Misha (23) doesn’t know how to control her deadly power, making her fearful of it. She wishes she could be normal but represses her feelings of inadequacy. She has full trust in Freya, who is the one person alive who knows her secret. Her best friend is the only one who can help her bury someone after an unfortunate accident. 

Freya (25) loves Misha like a sister but deep down is jealous of her powers. Because of this, she overcompensates by being outwardly confident. Her mature, calculating demeanour is born from the high standards she sets for herself, contrasting Misha’s relaxed nature. Her dark, deadpan humour comes out as she helps bury Misha’s victim, revealing her inmost fear of death. 

Gabriella Whiteman is the director. At 10 years old, she wrote her first original story and hasn’t stopped loving storytelling ever since. Using her actor training, a focus on well-written characters and a vision for empowering stories, she’ll create a collaborative environment to achieve a thoughtful and engaging narrative.

Bailey Manoogian loves producing because it allows him to marry the creativity of filmmaking, with business, another one of his interests. As a producer, he’s going to build the strongest backbone he can for Lost Touch, so that the rest of the crew can work their magic and create a fantastic film.

Andreas Gregoras, the director of photography, will create the film’s visual language in collaboration with the director. With experience as a cinematographer on multiple other projects, he has developed a keen eye for impactful visuals. In other words, he knows how to tell a story in the most effective way possible. 

Mollie Aldridge, the art director, is excited to create a unique and fantastical environment through set design, costume and props. She enjoys this role immensely as it allows her to help create the world of the film in an aesthetically pleasing and accurate way, which she feels is vital for our audience to fully immerse themselves in the story. 

Kelly-Anne, our editor, always aims for the highest standard in her craft: meaning every cut counts. Her passion for storytelling pushes her to create something that evokes feelings while immersing the audience in the story. She looks forward to working with this talented crew, assembling the pieces of this thrilling story.

On the surface, our film is about a girl who possesses the power to kill with her touch but it is really about her journey towards accepting her vulnerability and overcoming her fear of intimacy.    

Although social media makes us feel more connected than ever, the new generations are becoming more isolated and lonely. Part of this issue stems from our inability to be completely vulnerable with the people around us, fearing judgement or further alienation, making us turn towards our screens for comfort.

This story aims to tackle, through a fantastical lens, how two young women deal with this and whether they accept their ability to love, and be loved, fully or not.

With your help, we can reach our goal budget of £1518 and create an inspiring short film that brings a thought-provoking narrative to the audience. Here is a breakdown of how your kind donation will help pay for actors, locations, food, travel and more.


With the right location, we’ll be able to create a fantastical atmosphere that perfectly complements our story. 


We want to invest in the best actors to portray the intricacies and complexities of our three characters. 

Food and Drink: 

We don't want our cast and crew to end up like Misha’s victim, so we need to water and feed them. Luckily, I’ve prepared the best (and cheapest) vegan recipes to sustain their appetites.


In order for you to enjoy every pixel of our scintillating story, we want to invest in high quality equipment. 


To save us from walking for days, we need to budget for the travel to and from locations for the cast, crew and equipment.


Due to our fantasy element, we want the art direction, costumes and props to not only fit in seamlessly, we want it to enhance our story and help build an immersive world. 


Our goal is to create an award-winning short film. To earn the awards we know this short will achieve, we’re going to use a portion of our budget for entry fees. (Insert names of film festivals we want to submit to) 


This is to cover the costs endured by the producing and distribution of the rewards to all of our amazing donors.   

Lastly, we would like to interact with our supporters as much as possible to keep you updated on the production. You’ll be able to see all our progress and catch the inside scoop of our day to day by following us on Instagram and Twitter @Osmotionpictures 

(*Limbo was a working title)