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It hurts to feel this good

In a desperate bid to tackle his loneliness, Jo crashes a party to discover a brain implant that elevates him beyond pain and purpose.

Serving as a philosophical continuation to previous works (The Immunda Experiment, No Place Like It, Out Of The Blue): Leave The Body started as an exploration into the contemporary trends found in toxic wellness culture.

These trends perpetuate the belief that our bodies and minds are subject to higher powers.

With increasing frequency, the belief in higher powers or pseudosciences, like horoscopes, have led individuals to take more extremist stances on fate, destiny and determinism.

A prominent example of these trends lies in the growth of self-help podcasts , which grow from charismatic (and often ideologically extreme) figureheads that are not only intentionally controversial, but also effectively divisive. Our radicalised stances develop a communication breakdown and enforce herd mentality that further fuels the cycle.

Inspired by the works of Cronenberg, Noe and Eggers, Leave the Body will be a terrifying, intriguing and entertaining psychedelic horror that will leave a lasting impression on our audience.

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