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We are MDX Matrix, Middlesex University's very own cheerleading team! We are a family of 33, consisting of both males and females, who come together on a weekly basis to train, support and inspire one another.


We are going into our fourth season as a team. Since our formation, we have won Grand Champion and National Championship trophies at the British Cheerleading Association and Legacy Dream Extreme competitions. We hope to continue to go above and beyond this season!

We are excited to announce that we are competing as a co-ed team for the first time since our establishment. As well as this, we are committed to extra training outside of prescribed hours to better ourselves and improve our skills so we can compete at a higher level. 

Why does cheerleading matter to us?

Cheerleading allows us to get away from the stress of our studies and day-to-day lives. Sporting at university creates a space for inclusion and allows students to come together, network and meet new people, gain confidence and boost athleticism.

We are a family and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Unfortunately, cheerleading does not receive much government funding, so it relies heavily on funding from those involved. As students at University, cheerleading can be financially demanding. This can be really restrictive for a lot of students who want to take up the sport as they may not be able to afford the associated costs, alongside the basic costs of living. We want to make things as inclusive as possible, which is why we are running this crowdfunding campaign. Our intention is to supplement team costs so that anybody who wants to get involved can! 

To enable us to do this, we aim to raise £1,500, which will go towards the costs of music, uniform, and competition fees and travel. 


  • The cost of music is approximately £200 - £400, depending on the quality.
  • Uniforms (this includes special cheer trainers, clothing and bows) cost approximately £150 per person.
  • Competition fees vary between £22 to £48 per person.
  • We are hoping to compete in Derby and Nottingham amongst other locations if we raise enough money. However we are London-based, therefore we would need to finance transport and accommodation.

If we hit our minimum...

- Our minimum target will allow us to purchase music that is of the calibre expected in cheerleading competitions. 

If we reach our stretch goal...

- Hitting our full target will allow us to enter more competitions around the country and cover the associated travel costs. Money raised will also go towards the cost of our uniforms.

And if we are lucky enough to exceed our stretch goal?

- Going above and beyond our target would be fantastic! It would allow us to contribute more towards the costs of our uniforms, as well as the hire of a professional cheerleading training venue and the costs of additional training hours.

Any additional funds raised will also be used to purchase equipment to boost our own training facilities. Our team has really grown and as a result we no longer have as much equipment as we need, so your donations could help us to rectify this! 

We will be contributing money towards these things ourselves! However, your donations will reduce the individual costs and make the finances more feasible for us all. 


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thank you in advance for your time and efforts to help us!