MDX Competitive Dance

A project by: Grace Travis


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Who we are..

Hi everyone, we are MDXMonarchx - Middlesex University's very own competitive dance team! We are a group of 50 dancers, who come together and train to compete in competitions throughout the year. Originally formed in 2014, we have only managed to enter one competition per year. However, as the team has since grown and the talent doubled, we are now looking to enter more competitions next year in order to make things as inclusive as possible for all members of our team! 

Why we need your help!

Whilst the opportunity to compete at dance competitions is an amazing experience, they are extremely expensive and tough to enter! This is where we hope some generous donors will come in.

This year we are hoping to enter two competitions and the money we raise through this crowdfunding campaign will enable us to make this a reality! Entering competitions incurs a variety of costs but we hope that with your help, we can make everyone proud and bring home a trophy or two!

Our budget breakdown

We are aiming to raise a comfortable £2,200. The money we raise will be go towards:

Costumes - each costume is roughly £15, therefore we will need an estimate of £900. This includes four different dance styles; jazz, street, wildcard and contemporary. With 12-23 dancers in each routine.

Accommodation - For two competitions we would roughly need £1,286 for the whole team, as these competitions take place over a weekend.

Competition entry for both competitions has been paid for already! 


Reaching our target will help provide us with the necessary funding to get to both national competitions next year and cover associated costs such as, costumes and accommodation for all dancers that will be participating.

To increase our chances of making this a reality, we will also be proactively pursuing ways to raise a proportion of funds ourselves. This will allow us to cover a higher proportion of the costs associated with the various elements above!

So what are we going to do to HELP fund ourselves?

Well, we will be hosting social events throughout the year such as cake sales, stalls at Christmas markets and entertainment nights. We will also be bag-packing in local supermarkets and holding multiple events throughout the year. Keep an eye on our social media for dates and locations! 

Follow us on social media!

To stay updated on the progress of our campaign and details of our upcoming social events, be sure to check out our social pages: 

Instagram: @mdxdanceteam 


Twitter: @Mdxdanceteam1

Every little helps!

Whatever you can afford to give (whether big or small) would be really appreciated by us all! Even if you can't give, we would be hugely grateful if you could help us spread the word by sharing our campaign through your networks!