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MDX Translators

A project by: Angelika Przyimka


WE RAISED £1,445

from 9 donors

MDX Translators speak your language.

Hello, a very warm welcome to you all and thank you for visiting my crowdfunding page!

My name is Angelika Przyimka and I want to introduce you to MDX Translators, a network of talented Middlesex University students all currently completing their studies for an MA in Translation.

We are a London-based network, consisting of highly qualified interpreters and translators from all over the world with scope to travel. Our interconnected network provides professional translation and interpretation services at reasonable prices.

A business with a social conscience

As an organisation with a social conscience, our business model includes the delivery of free services to refugees. We know the importance of being understood and being able to understand, especially when urgent or critical matters are being discussed. We do not want anybody to suffer or feel vulnerable from an inability to understand/be understood if we can help. We have a special connection with a legal firm in London who are supportive of our cooperation with refugees and those who need help most.

We also provide equal opportunities for employment to translation graduates as those that are DPSI qualified. Currently, within the translation/interpreting industry, a DPSI College qualification seems to be more widely accepted than a degree in translation. For this reason, our priority is to employ Middlesex University graduates and provide internship opportunities for them so that they can grow their professional experience within the industry.

Our offering 

Presently, we can cover translations in the following 20 languages:

· English

· Spanish

· Polish

· Arabic


· Slovak

· Italian

· German

· Greek

· French

· Chinese

· Portuguese

· Turkish

· Bengali

· Korean

· Sylheti

· albanian  

· Czech

· hungarian


In time, MDX Translators aim to cover translations in 190 languages.

Our aim is to offer professional interpreting services for all situations and to have the scope to travel globally. Our services will include:

• Document translation (business, legal, administrative and technical translations)

• Advertising and marketing translations

• Conference interpretation

• Consecutive interpretation

• Court interpreting

• Police interpreting

• NHS interpreting service/medical interpreting

• Phone/video interpretation

• Transcription, subtitling and proofreading.

Why we believe we will succeed

We are ambitious and hardworking individuals who have always endeavoured to achieve high standards.

Our main strengths are adaptability, dependability and determination to succeed in anything we set out to achieve. By combining these qualities and attributes, we are keen to take the idea of MDX Translators and convert it into a successful business.

We will graduate soon, and we are ready to deal with many different types of translation.

Where you come in

We want the world to know what we do. For this reason, we need to invest in marketing, which is where we hope you will come in and support our crowdfunding campaign.

By supporting us, we have a higher chance of turning our translation network into a reality. With your help everything is possible! Your support really matters.

Everything we raise will go towards marketing our services. In total we would like to raise £3,170 to help us with our start up costs, which breaks down as follows:

Website: £950

We want to invest in a professional website. This is essential as we want our clients to be able to see our services and request them. Nowadays, a professional website is one of the most important marketing tools for every company.

Adverts - Ads in newspapers: £ 600; Ads on Social Media: £950

Secondly, we want to invest in ads. We want to promote our business on social media and in newspapers.

Direct marketing - Leaflets: £ 300; Business Cards: £ 370

We want to distribute business cards and leaflets directly to people in various areas of London to help raise awareness of our services and generate interest in MDXTranslators.

Find out more and follow our progress

- on Facebook: https://fb.me/mdxtranslators

- on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MDXTranslators

- on LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/company/mdx-translators

Thank you for taking the time to look at our crowdfunding page. Even if you can’t support us financially, you can still help us by raising awareness of our campaign.

Every bit of support you can provide matters to us and we really appreciate it.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please, do not hesitate to contact us at: mdxtranslators@gmail.com.

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