MDX Pom 2021

A project by: Amy Adams



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Help MDX Vortex to compete this season.


MDX Vortex is a competitive pom team that competes at national competitions for Middlesex University.  Pom is a fast-paced and energetic style of dance that utilises both jazz dance and flexibility movements. MDX Vortex is made up of 14 athletes who train together each Wednesday to learn new skills and improve flexibility and fitness as well as learning a new dance to compete each year. 

Having placed 2nd at our competition last year we hope to do even better this year but we need your support to help us achieve this goal. Please help us raise funds in order to pay for competition entry fees, uniforms and travel in order for us to compete this season!


Competitions provide a unique opportunity to showcase our sport and compete against other universities. However these come at great expense due to entry fees, uniforms and travel.

This year we are hoping to enter two competitions - Legacy and ICC University Nationals. These are two of the best competitions in the country. We hope to achieve great results at both competitions but we need your support to make this a reality.


We are aiming to raise a total of £750 which will go towards helping us cover the costs of:

  • Competition entry fees - costing £50 per dancer per competition creating at total of £700 (with our second competition already payed for) 
  • Uniforms and bows - uniforms cost £60 per dancer (only required for new team members)  and bows cost £10 per dancer (required for the whole team so a total  of £140 required)
  • Sports membership - money raised will also help contribute towards sports membership which costs £50 per athlete
  • Merchandise and travel fees - we will also use money raised on merchandise, including pom jerseys and T-shirts. We'll also use it to help cover travel costs. 

Our plans for fundraising!

Due to restrictions on social gatherings we are planning many online fundraisers including virtual pub quizzes and socially distanced sponsored walks completed by each member of the team. 

What happens if the global pandemic prevents 'in person' competitions?

If 'in person' competitions can no longer go ahead, we may still compete at virtual competitions which will still require entry fees in order to participate. However if the team is not able to compete this season any money fundraised will be put towards future competitions so your support won't be wasted!


Follow us on social media to stay updated on our progress and find out about our online socials!

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Thank you from MDX Vortex !