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Using aromatherapy and candles to promote mental well-being and body positivity.

My Story and Vision

Hi! My name is Tara and I study BA Graphic Design at Middlesex University.

Covid-19 meant I spent my entire second year of university studying from home, and as I live alone, sometimes this was quite challenging and isolating. However, in order to maintain a positive outlook, I chose to keep myself busy by learning lots of new skills. One of these included candle-making, and through this I also learnt about the concept and benefits of aromatherapy.

There are many studies that show that breathing in essential oils can affect emotional states such as sleeplessness, anxiety and depression, and also physical states such as cognitive abilities and respiration, as there is only one synapse from the nose to the brain. I began blending specific scents to help with problems like stress, restlessness and lack of focus, and the results were great!

Example blends:

    -  Sleeplessness – lavender and juniper berry

    -  De-stress – chamomile, ylang ylang and vetiver 

    -  Improve focus – grapefruit, black pepper and thyme

Messy Maison

I now want to launch a business called Messy Maison, which will seek to help more people with maintaining their mental well-being through my range of handmade candles, wax melts, and home fragrances. 

Alongside the use of aromatherapy, the aesthetics of some of the candle designs will promote confidence and self-love – for example a range of “body” candles in a range of sizes and shades, promoting body positivity and diversity. 

All candles will be made from Vegan soy wax, and I will use reusable or recyclable packaging.

Plan of action

Launching a business requires funding, so I am hoping that a few generous donors will like what they have heard and seen on this crowdfund page and help me to secure the money needed to officially launch Messy Maison! I aim to launch the business on 10th July 2021. 

Money raised will go on all aspects necessary for the business to function. This includes:

    -  Website - £22 per month on Wix

    -  Printing costs -  printer (£40), labels (approx £10 per 375), paper for flyers and invoices (approx £3 for 500 sheets) etc

    -  Packaging - boxes (approx £0.50 each), natural non-bleached printed pouches (for packaging/protecting during shipping, £95 for 100), wood wool (biodegradable box filler for protection when shipping, £9.50 per kg), wick (approx £5 for 100) etc

    -  Supplies and equipment (each candle costs approximately £4-6 to make) - essential oils (approx £3-£5 per scent), natural vegan soy wax  (approx £8 per kg), candle jars (approx £9 per 10), etc

If I raise extra funds...

I will use these to grow the product line with the potential of expanding into other homeware products.

I am particularly interested in using my Graphic Design skills to create a range of inspirational posters and making the brand known for motivational and uplifting home accessories with a handmade touch.

Your rewards

In return for supporting the launch of Messy Maison, you can receive a range of rewards to say thank you for your donations! Find out more below and on the right side of this page!

    - £10 - Free UK delivery for one year from the date of my website launch (products not included)

    - £25 - A gift-wrapped candle of your choice plus free UK delivery for one year on all products ordered from the date of my website launch

    - £50 - A gift-wrapped surprise bundle containing a range of candle and home-fragrance items, plus free UK delivery for one year on all products ordered from the date of my website launch 

    - £100 - A fully personalised candle and home-fragrance routine based on your lifestyle and concerns. This includes morning, afternoon and evening scent products to help with your chosen issues - e.g. relaxation, sleeplessness, focus, memory, stress and more. After consulting with you to understand your personal needs, I will create a tailored, gift-wrapped bundle specially for you to address these. I will also include a bespoke scent document detailing the scents I have recommended in your routine, plus a voucher for £20 off your next order, and free UK delivery for one year on all products ordered from the date of my website launch.

Contact Info

Please see the links below for the brand’s contact info – all will be launched soon!

    -  Website:

    -  Instagram: @messymaison

    -  Email:


I will also be giving regular updates on my progress on my crowdfunding page throughout my crowdfunding campaign.

Spread the word!

If you can’t donate personally, you can still help me by spreading the word about my project to your own network of contacts.

By helping me promote the project, the greater chance I have of turning my bright idea into reality. Your support really matters.

Of course if you are also able to make a small personal donation and sponsor my project, I would be very grateful.


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