Mist Returns

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A second world war drama set in Devon, highlighting a family change when a wife's husband returns.

Mist Returns is an exciting period drama which we are creating as Television Production students at Middlesex University.

We want to create a film set in 1945, at the end of World War Two. Hazel, a woman in her late twenties, born and raised in Devon, is struggling to cope when her husband George returns as a broken solider. Her fears are caused from her childhood, when her own father came back broken too. Her close relationship between herself and her nine year-old daughter Bonnie also become strained, as George is giving Bonnie more affection than Hazel.

Who WE are

As a team we are innovative and want to create something visually of a high standard, whilst telling our emotional story.

Our team consists of:

Daniel Fisher - Producer

Madelen Nygaard - Director

Hanne Aalborg - First Assistant Director

Rachel Thompson - Editor

Thabani Miles - Director of Photography

Conor Nash - Camera Operator

Carina Moscattini - Sound Operator

(L-R: Madelen, Daniel, Hanne)

Help us go all the way!

We are all very enthusiastic and want to go all the way with this production. We aspire to create something which we can submit to film festivals.

OUR story and vision

We feel as a story we are capturing something worth telling. In addition to creating a fictional project set in the past, we want to show audiences the challenges often faced by soldiers and their families when a solider comes home after war - no matter what era.

While the aspect of war is a main theme, we also want to shine a spotlight on mental health issues. Our film will look at the struggles of dealing with them personally and whilst in a relationship. We aspire to make the audience think outside of the box about what is going on - what is reality and what is in our character's heads.

Although the film is set in Devon, we plan to film the interior scenes in an amazing 1940's inspired house in Glastonbury, where everything is as it was back in the war. Some exterior shots will still be in Devon though as it is somewhere which we hope can bring our story to life, and with financial backing we hope this is something we achieve.

OUR plan of action

To make our production a reality, we need to raise a minimum of £1,050, which breaks down as follows:

  • Location: £400
  • Extra Accommodation: £300
  • Travel Costs (crew and actors): £150
  • Food (crew and actors): £200

If we are lucky enough to be able to hit our minimum target with our sponsors' very generous donations, we can bring Mist Returns to life!

If we hit our stretch goal, that would be amazing! This would enable us to look at slightly more expensive locations for exterior shots which we would otherwise be unable to afford and put aside some budget for our 1940s film screening.

If things really take off and we surpass our stretch goal, we want to donate the additional money raised to the charity SSAFA, who provide support for anyone who is currently serving or has ever served in the Royal Navy, British Army or Royal Air Force and their families.

OUR rewards

To say 'thank you' to our sponsors, we plan to give something back to them. Our main thank you is a private 1940's themed screening with our sponsors and people who have helped us along the journey. You can check out our full list of rewards on the right hand side of our page!

find us and help us spread the word about mist returns

We will be sharing updates throughout the production process so if you would like to follow our journey, here is the link to our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/mistreturns

Even if you can't donate, please 'like' us on Facebook and help us spread the word! Your support will make all the difference!

Thank you from all the Mist Returns team.