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Music therapy not-for-profit events for the elderly

Throwback thursday and Flashback Friday - Help us provide music therapy for the elderly

Who We are

Hello! We are a group of second-year Middlesex University BA Music Business and Arts Management students who have formed KYNTM Event Management, a not-for-profit music event management team that seeks to provide music therapy to the elderly.

Our team consists of the following enthusiastic and committed students:

Nicole Smalling

Tuva Bakken

Kinga Sobczynska

Molly Howe

Yukiko Koiwai

How KYntm Event management came about

For one of our course modules ("Live Music industry"), we were tasked with putting on an event which is of benefit to the local community. This is how KYNTM Event Management and the idea of running dedicated music events for the elderly was born.

Music and its health benefits for the elderly

We are all passionate about the idea of using music as therapy for the elderly - not only does it help to release endorphins and make people happy but it enables people to become more active through singing and dancing, and can actually help with memory recall.

The "throwback thursday & flashback friday" concept

On 23rd and 24th March, we will be running two separate events in two different care homes in North London. At both events some talented music students from Middlesex University and elsewhere will perform various music from the 50s and 60s, including Pop, Rock'n'Roll and Jazz music. Our aim is to play music that the residents will like singing along to. We hope that in addition to simply being enjoyable, these events will provide the residents with an opportunity to:

  • Reminisce about the old days and reflect on fond memories (memory recall and reminiscence offer important health benefits for the elderly)
  • Interact socially - not only with other residents but with a younger generation, as some of our artists are students

More about our events

On the day, there will be food and beverage, in addition to artists performing live music that the care home residents grew up with.

The space in which the events will take place will also be decorated to reflect the 50's and 60's, so that we can successfully recreate the full experience of reminiscence.

We also hope to provide photos after the event, so residents can look back fondly on the music therapy afternoons we have run.

We really hope to present a great day for the residents!

Why we need your help

Although it is a non-profit event, we want to run professional events and this includes a few costs.

We are therefore looking for generous donors to contribute towards our crowdfunding campaign so that we can put on the best event possible for residents of both care homes!

If we hit our £250 minimum...

£250 is the minimum KYNTM Event Management needs to run "Throwback Thursday & Flashback Friday". If we hit this, donations will go towards covering:

- Artists (4 musicians)

- Travelling costs for musicians

- Food and Beverage

If we hit our top target

If we hit our goal of £500, this will allow us to:

- Pay a photographer (our photographer is volunteering)

- Print photos as presents for the residents

If we exceed our target

We will use any additional donations above our top target to pay for new books and DVDs for the care home libraries.

Our campaign end date

Our campaign runs beyond the dates of the two events. While we are hoping to raise as much as we can ahead of the two events so that expenses can be covered upfront, we are aware time is limited.

We will therefore cover some costs where we can and then use any further funds raised retrospectively to recoup these.

Your rewards

In return for your generous donations we have some rewards on offer, so take a look at the right hand side of this page to see what you could receive for different levels of donations!

Follow our progress

We will be updating on our progress regularly on our Facebook event page , so to find out how we are getting on, please visit us there!

Help us spread the word about throwback thursday & flashback friday!

KYNTM Event Management team would like to thank you for viewing our crowdfunding page!

We have taken into consideration that not everyone will be able to donate personally but you can still support us and our event free of charge. You can do this by sharing our page with your own network of contacts - such as your family and friends.

This can also be done through word of mouth, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, email and telephone.

By helping us promote our event, the greater the chance we have of turning this amazingly beneficial project into reality. We really appreciate your support and if you can make a small personal donation and sponsor our event we would be very grateful.

Thank you for taking the time read our campaign!

KYNTM Events Management team

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