Percentage | Quiz Show | 2021

A project by: Isaac Pimm


WE RAISED £2,502

from 50 donors

Contestants work together to win money before competing to leave with a large percentage of it.


We are attempting to raise £2,500 for our brand new quiz show, Percentage. This show has an innovative, unique format. The show consists of three rounds which see two contestants attempt to answer questions in order to receive a percentage of the show's jackpot.

In round one, the contestants work together to try and earn money by correctly answering questions and accumulating as high of a percentage of the jackpot as possible. Categories appear, with one contestant stepping forward to answer questions for each, before choosing one of three subcategories. After successfully answering questions, they can bank the percentage they are on or risk losing the percentage they have earned by taking on another question in an attempt to increase the percentage they will receive for that category.

In round two, the contestants begin to work against each other, with both contestants starting on 50% of the money they earned in round one. General knowledge questions worth increasing amounts of percentage gain will be asked against the buzzer. At the end of this round, the player with the lowest percentage is knocked out and the player with the highest percentage becomes the winner of that episode. However, the winning contestant must then play to leave with a percentage of their money in round three.

In round three, after receiving a trophy, the winning contestant attempts to take home the money they took through from round two by answering questions against a 120 second timer. Once five questions have been answered correctly, the player takes home the percentage of money equal to the number of seconds left on the timer. If the player manages to answer five questions correctly in 20 seconds or less, they leave with 100% of the money they took through from round 2.

our story

We are making this television show as our final major project on the BA (hons) Television Production course. This is the last production that we will make on our course and we want it to be the best! It is also our last opportunity to make the most of the broadcast standard television studio designed by Sony that Middlesex University allows us to use. Our relatively high budget and ambitious set design reflect the level of dedication we have to this show and each crew member's personal investment in the show's development gives it a deeper meaning for us all. As a group of people who are passionate about quiz shows, we hope that we can find a way of allowing audiences to revel in our excitement.

The show's unique format is what separates Percentage from other quiz shows and we firmly believe that it is exactly what is needed to cheer people up and bring a little bit of excitement into people's lives in this current climate. It is also the ideal way of testing your knowledge and simultaneously having fun, while stuck at home!

Percentage has a family friendly feel to it but is primarily aimed at 18-35 year olds who love quiz shows and want an intellectual workout. This is reflected in the type of questions we have, as well as the wording of the script our presenter will use.

Hosting our show, we have Bryn Lucas, a seasoned presenter who has plenty of experience presenting television including live programmes on Channel 5. We feel that Bryn's presenting style perfectly matches the mood we want our show to have and we are thrilled to have him onboard!

Who are we?

Isaac - DirecTOR/PRoducer

"Almost a year ago, I had an idea for a new quiz show format which I spent months rethinking and developing. This idea was Percentage. With a fantastic crew by my side, I am now in a position where I can actually create this show and make my concept a reality. I have literally watched quiz shows since the day I was born, and I am ecstatic to finally be developing one of my own. Percentages are a universally recognised and understood mathematical concept and by utilising both the percentage symbol and its ability to break down numbers in a unique way, I truly believe that this show has the potential to entertain huge audiences and refresh fans of the heavily populated quiz show genre."

Joseph - Producer

"My name is Joseph, and I am co-producing Percentage with my colleague Isaac. I have an interest in quiz shows (and studio entertainment shows in general) and am an avid viewer, always interested in watching new formats and critiquing them. Working as a producer on this has enhanced my skills and general knowledge of the TV industry. It has also taught me a lot about how to produce. I am looking forward to turning this show into a reality as I strongly believe we have an entertaining and interesting format which has the potential to become a successful long-running show."

Vilma - production manager & question researcher

"As a Production Manager and Question Researcher for this project, you have to put in a lot of work and commitment and that is something I’ve been striving to accomplish simply because I believe in the show and the format. Being a part of Percentage has enabled me to gain more experience of research and planning. It has also given me creative freedom as a television student wanting to work in the entertainment industry."

Ingvild - gallery pa

"Hey, I’m Ingvild, and I am the Gallery PA for Percentage. In my opinion, this quiz show is unique: by not only challenging the contestants but also making them work together makes it fun and interesting to watch for the audience. I am super stoked to be working on this production, as I firmly believe the end result will be great!  I’m also looking forward to getting more experience and working with this awesome team."

Harrison - head researcher

"As a committed and passionate individual, I’m very much looking forward to seeing this unique and ambitious project develop. I am a keen fan of TV quiz shows and enjoyed watching the recent series of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and Beat The Chasers. My research skills and logistical capabilities will no doubt be invaluable to the creation of this exciting show."

Where will the money go?

Here is a breakdown of the £2,500 costs for our show:

  • Presenter - £370
  • Music Composer - £300
  • Logo Designer - £250
  • LED Walls - £1,000
  • Rest of Set (Buzzers, Trophy, Backdrops, etc.) - £330
  • Total: £2,250 (+ ~10% contingency) = £2,500

If we receive more than £2,500, we will put any extra money towards improving our set.

Covid-19 preparation

In preparation for this project, all crew members have received a certificate for the 'Coronavirus basic awareness on production training' delivered by ScreenSkills. In the studio, all talent and crew will be socially distanced, masks will be worn and hand sanitiser will be provided.

Refunds will also be available to all donors if we are unable to film the show in the university studio as planned. These refunds will return all money that has not already been spent prior to us finding out that we are unable to film. For example, if we have spent 20% of the budget then 80% will be returned to all donors.


Depending on the amount you donate, you can receive a wide variety of awesome Percentage rewards! These can be found at the top of the screen on the right-hand side, but we appreciate any donation however large or small.

Find us here

You can follow the progress of Percentage on our dedicated Instagram page, where we will be posting regular updates on the show.

Help us succeed!

In order for this show to be a success, we need your help! Raising £2,500 is an ambitious goal, but we know that with your help we can achieve this. If you can't donate, you can still massively help us out by sharing this fundraising page on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, as well as by telling all of your friends and family about the show.

Thank you for all of your help. We can't wait to share Percentage with all of you!

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