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Punk Documentary

Who we are 

We are a 5 person crew studying television production at Middlesex University. We are all in our 3rd year and Pogo is our final project.

Director/Producer - Joel Hare

Assistant Producer/Researcher - Vilma Thorén

Camera - Isaac Pimm

Sound - Dilly Kaur

Editing - Ingvild Fridtun

what is POGO about?

This documentary will delve into what the punk scene meant to people, why it resurged in the 90's, and why it is important today.

We called this doc "Pogo" as a throwback nod to the pogo dance move which emerged alongside Punk. This involved jumping up and down and pushing everyone around, creating a chaotic atmosphere.

Our reasons for making pogo

We decided to make this documentary because punk is still a movement alive today but has less followers than ever. We hope that with this documentary will help bring what punk stands for back into the spotlight and attract more people to the scene.

This documentary matters in this day and age because of what Punk stands for. Punk's main agenda is rebellion and non-conformity, which we are now seeing more and more of in today's society, as demonstrated through recent protests and on social media.

However, while we are seeing these ideologies pushed forward more, we don't see the music genre itself becoming more popular - despite societal issues such as the general distrust for the Government and how they have dealt with the COVID - 19 pandemic.


We will be interviewing a number of people who are connected to the punk scene either as fans, musicians or authors - the first being  author, Stephen Glynn. Stephen has written books on the punk genre and its impact. He will be able to provide the reason for punk's societal and cultural impact  and its resurgence. 

We will also be talking to Dec Kelly, the drummer of the band Midway Still. This band was prevalent in the 90's and they also toured with big alternative bands at the time like Nirvana. Dec will be able to provide the audience with insight into what it was like to be right in the centre of the resurgence and what it meant to him.

Finally, we will be speaking to a musician who has started to release music recently with his band Memory Farm. Freddie Davis is the guitarist of the band and he will be talking about his current views on punk, what it means to him and he will also demonstrate his playing.

plan of action

We plan to spend our budget wisely and only on aspects that ensure we can make this documentary perfect.

- Archive footage - c.£350: The money we raise will mainly go towards archive footage to pair with interviews. This is a big part of the documentary as due to COVID 19, we cannot re-enact shows or film bands playing live. 

- COVID Safety Equipment (disinfectant, hand sanitizer, masks etc) - £100: The health and safety of crew and our interviewees is paramount. We'll be following all government health and safety guidelines to minimise any risk associated with filming during the global pandemic.

- Travel - £50: This amount will enable crew travel to and from interviews.

Funds not used in the making of our documentary - where these will go

Any additional money left over will be donated to Music Unites. This non-profit charity partners with music stars, celebrity ambassadors and music sponsors to promote music projects and events at local schools, educating kids through music. You can find the link to the charity here: http://www.musicunites.org/


If we cannot film during this time, your money will be refunded to you minus any costs incurred during pre-production. If you don't want it refunded, we will donate it to our chosen charity. 

COVID awareness

Each one of us has passed the ScreenSkills training course on COVID Safety and we will all be taking the proper precautions when filming. We will only film when all the risk assessments have been accepted and we have all the necessary equipment to ensure everybody's safety (e.g. PPE) in place.


The rewards will be listed on the next page.

Where can you find us?

We will be posting updates to our social media platforms roughly once or twice a week. Click on the links below to follow us:


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Pogo-Documentary-106932941462116

spread the word!

If you can’t donate personally, you can still help us by spreading the word about our project to your own network of contacts. Please share this project with anyone you think would support us on Facebook, Instagram, by email, or through word of mouth. By helping us promote the project, the greater chance we have of turning our bright idea into reality. 

Of course if you are also able to make a small donation and sponsor our project, we would be very grateful. Your support really matters.