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The Imagination Issue

Who am I?

My name is Freya Reeves and I am a 3rd year Fashion Communication student and the Founder of Quince, a magazine that I have created for the final year of my degree.

Offering a voice to the next generation of creatives

Quince is unique as we'll be showcasing and representing younger creative voices and the future generation - at a time when it is hard to get their voices heard, pandemic or not. We aim to showcase those from across creative disciplines. No stone will be left unturned.

By showcasing younger people, we hope that others will come to Quince and see what's happening and whose happening. We want Quince to lead to the creation of a large community of young creatives - as creatives need each other! 

We aim to spread a positive message to every reader. Quince is a magazine that you can pick up and find something relatable in there.

A Platform for Creativity without judgement

Quince is a platform for creativity with no judgement. We'll cover issues and recommend practices readers can follow in order to make the world a better place - for example our article '10 things to do to help the planet' - but we won't seek to lecture people. We'll cover easy tasks that everyone can do in order to encourage people to re-think about things, e.g mending garments and re-thinking flights to further reduce our carbon foot print.

Our first issue, The Imagination Issue, will be released at the start of May and we have some amazing people on board from all around the globe. The creation of this edition has been particularly important in the current climate given that so many creatives are struggling right now.

Interviewees and collaborators

I have some amazing interviews going in to the magazine, as well as many collaborations with others studying multiple different courses at Middlesex University.

I want to keep some of the people I will be working with secret until their debut on Instagram so keep an eye out (we have some fab people!) but interviewees include creatives like @adamfrost and features from artist/creatives like @moonmilli, @bo.quinn, @kenyashania, @ameliasonsino and @sushiandbaklava.

These are only a few people featured within Quince but some who are studying courses at Middlesex - from illustration to fashion design - have also been featured, along with alumni. I have also been able to involve many young creatives from around the world (from New Zealand, Australia, India, to America) - all from my laptop, in my sunny room, in Hendon. Which is pretty crazy!

What Quince means to me personally

I was inspired to create Quince because as a young creative in London (and in a pandemic too), I feel the voices of younger creatives aren't heard as much in the industry.

Quince has enabled me and so many others to connect with new industry creatives. It is the epitome of strength and encouragement some young people need.

Without creativity and fashion I wouldn't be here today. I am so grateful to have a brain that is excited by collaboration, incredible ideas and one that has pushed me to start Quince.

Why Crowdfund?

This crowdfunding campaign is essential to Quince as it will help me to get the printing up and running. This is the biggest cost. There are smaller things like the cost of deliveries and Ubers to allow equipment to be taken on shoots but my main priority is the printing. 

I want to print on recycled paper - this is super important to me. I also want Quince to be a piece of art not just a small low-fi print.

I plan to print 100 copies with Mixam print and our first edition has roughly 150 pages. The estimated cost for this is £750. 

If I reach my target, all money will go into printing the magazine and any additional money above this will go straight towards Quince Edition No.2 - with the hope of booking out studios, loaning equipment etc for its production. 

The first edition of Quince will retail at £10 per copy - or donors to this campaign who give £10 or more will receive the first edition for free!

Raising awareness

I hope that Instagram, being a fresh graduate, and word of mouth will all help me with the promotion and distribution of Quince.

The Fashion Communication and Styling team at Middlesex University has an amazing website which will act as an online exhibition for us too, so  I am hoping this will bring in readers as well.

Where to find quince

I have an Instagram @quince.zine, everything I do is showcased on there.

Follow @quince.zine !! And spread the word.

Many many thanks,