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An Ethical Fashion Rental Business

Hello, welcome to Raikii, the ethical and environmentally friendly fashion rental business! Our mission is to provide affordable access to fashion must-haves on a rental basis, while cutting pollution associated with fast fashion. Users of our service will never have to wear the same outfit twice but will also know they are helping to protect the environment!

How does Raikii work?

Rent - Wear - Return

Yes, that is all! Our courier service will delivery your dream dress to your desired address and you do not have to worry about washing the clothes - we will handle that for you. We will also take care of any minor repairs/stains.

Who is Raikii for?

Raikii is for anyone who wants to rent dresses and outfits in Singapore - whether it's for a special event you're attending, a fun photo-shoot or even for a holiday!

Who am I?

Hello! I’m Grace, a 23-year old girl born and raised in Singapore. I graduated with a Diploma in Integrated Events Management from Republic Polytechnic then worked for 2.5 years in both corporate marketing and start-ups.

After saving up enough, I made the bold decision to further my education at Middlesex University in London. I chose to study for a BA in Advertising, PR and Media, and poured (most of my) life savings into it! I have grown so much as an individual and had opportunities to pitch my business ideas on multiple platforms - and recently won 2nd place in a startup competition.

I feel very strongly about making a positive change not just to our environment but socially as well. If you support this cause, please make a donation and share this project with someone who cares.  Drop me a line or slide into my DM on Instagram (@raikii.co / @gracexuann) - ask any questions you have and let’s be friends!

My story and vision

I always get asked “What inspired you to start this business?”... Well, guilty as charged, I was one of those shoppers who would order a dress online, wear it for one occasion and then return it with the tags still on to get a full refund (I know!!). I felt really guilty doing that, so I started looking for dress rental options. Although there are some companies in the market that provide such a service, I felt like the options were very limited and pricey (especially for a student). So, the idea of Raikii was born - beautiful dresses + affordable + environmental-friendly.

Bonus: You’ll never have to spend loads on a single dress anymore plus you don’t ever have to wear the same dress twice again!

Don’t just look good, but feel good: Raikii will work with sustainable brands wherever possible (unfortunately there aren’t that many ethical fashion brands out there yet) - but the vision is that Raikii will ONLY stock ethical brands a few years down the road!

Raikii is an online fashion rental platform and is currently based in Singapore only. However with expansion plans, it will become a multinational company and we can then bring Raikii to the world!

Rental prices for dresses will range from approximately S$20 to S$80.

Where is your money going?

With a minimum of £10,000 raised, I will be able to:

Continue the development of the Raikii website, reach more people to encourage them to rent instead of buy, create more awareness around the issues of fast fashion and buy enough dresses to launch!

With additional funds raised above £10,000, I will be able to:

Organise styling workshops, create "how-to style" videos, buy EVEN MORE dresses for all shapes and sizes, provide “Personal Stylist” services, and work with more brands and indie-designers. I will also be able to design my own ethical Raikii Collection - my ultimate dream!

Rewards  (Please read, very important!)

There are two types of rewards for each tier (Reward A or Reward B- you will receive a confirmation email from Raikii to thank you for your support and will also be prompted to indicate your choice of reward.

If you are based in Singapore, I strongly encourage that you opt for Reward B as that will mean that the amount you pledge today will be used for your dress rentals in future (and you can potentially rent a few dresses without paying extra!).

However, if dresses are not for you, please opt for the Reward A so we can still show our appreciation to you with our thank-you bundles.

The pledges are in pounds (£). The rate of 1.8 is used to convert to Singapore Dollars (S$). If you use PayPal, you will be pledging in pounds (£) not Singapore Dollars (S$). If you do not wish to use PayPal, please reach me at hello@raikii.co or on Raikii Instagram - and I will get back to you within eight hours or less.

Keep up-to-date with my progress

It is important that you come along on the Raikii journey with me - you will be updated bi-weekly on the progress and development of Raikii and where your money is going so be sure to follow our Instagram for updates. Raikii is an ethical and transparent company - at any point if you have additional questions about the campaign, please send an email to hello@raikii.co

Spread the word, Share the Raikii love!

If you can’t donate personally, you can still help me by spreading the word to your own network of contacts. Please share this with anyone you think would support me – on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, in person or on your blog!

By helping me promote the project, the greater chance I have of turning Raikii into a reality. Your support really matters so much to me - if you are able to make a personal donation and sponsor the project, I would be very grateful!

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