Reach the Hard To Reach

A project by: Monika Malecka

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Establish ways to reach the hard to reach young people living in Haringey

Hello, my name is Monika Malecka and I am currently studying for a Masters in Youth Justice, Community Safety and Applied Criminology at Middlesex University.

The contents of my course have inspired me to create a project that seeks to connect, engage and work with the local community of young people living in Haringey, one of the most diverse boroughs of London.

I hope that my project will enable the ‘hard to reach’ young people within the borough to connect with individuals who can help them develop and guide them in the right direction - or simply allow them to be amongst people who value them for who they really are.

The Plan of action

I am passionate about change and want to facilitate opportunities that not only enable young people from a variety of backgrounds to interact with each other but also provide them with a chance to connect with professionals and agencies with whom they wouldn’t otherwise engage.

To achieve this I would like to arrange a series of informal and open events at four different locations within the borough. The purpose of these events will be to allow young people to come together in a relaxed and safe environment where they can share experiences and seek advice, without fearing for their safety.

Photo from a previous youth initiative I was involved with:

Why Am I Passionate about This Initiative?

Working in the Civil Service for a number of years allowed me to understand and see where the services are failing our young people and why they react in certain ways to different triggers. 

This series of open events will allow Haringey’s young people to share their experiences, ideas and concerns with each other. The events will also provide them with the chance to ask professionals the burning questions they may not otherwise have asked in a different setting - or ever had the chance to ask before. 

This project matters as it’s a way of connecting communities with agencies and finally allowing young people to take ownership of their lives and say what they want to say - including what they want their futures to look like.


Anybody generous enough to give to this crowdfunding campaign will play a crucial role in enabling this initiative to be delivered.

The money I raise will go towards the hire of venues for the four events and also pay for catering. It’s important that young people meet in places that are friendly and open to them.


Here is a fuller breakdown of how money raised through this campaign will be spent:

- Venue hire : £500 ( this will be multiplied by 4 as it has to be at 4 different locations to reach out to the hard to reach groups and allow them to attend without fear ) - total £2000

- Catering costs: £500 from a local shop to cater for 500 young people for each event X 4 total £2000

- Refreshments: £1000 - total for all the refreshments for all events planned ( 4 planned events at different locations across the Borough) 

Your rewards

If you contribute to this project you will have the satisfaction of giving the young people living in Haringey a chance to socialise, thrive, get to know each other and meet agencies and professionals who may be able to help them or begin to engage and build bridges. 

crowdfunding video

A fuller project video will follow in due course !!!

Video from a young person

In the following video Rochelle, a member of the Tanisha Melbourne-Blake Foundation, which was set up by staff and young people from the Bruce Grove Youth Centre in Haringey explains why this sort of initiative matters. Any funds raised above my target will be donated to Tanisha's foundation.

Keep up to date

Contact me via Instagram and see the progress of this project when it launches:

spread the word!

If you can’t donate personally, you can still help me by spreading the word about my project to your own network of contacts.

Please share this project with anyone you think would support me – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in person or on your blog.

By helping me promote the project, the greater chance I have of turning my bright idea into reality. Your support really matters.

Of course if you are also able to make a small personal donation and sponsor my project, I would be very grateful.