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A game of chess between 2 siblings unravel their issues during lockdown that foreshadows their game.

The short film ‘Regina’ is a tense drama in which a game of chess between two siblings foreshadows paranoia and uncertainty. The entire narrative unfolds in a family attic and centres around a brother and sister in the middle of a game of chess while taking a break from cleaning out the attic. With the moves they make in their game reflecting their states of mind, we unravel their difficulties and their fears during lockdown, which has hit them both hard. As the game progresses, we discover the true meaning of family and tackling difficult times head-on.

BROTHER (24) - In a subtle way the film revolves around his issues with the lockdown. He’s just gone through a serious life-changing event and he is finding ways to cope with his fear and paranoia. You can tell he once had confidence but this has been severely damaged and initially we assume this is caused by the experience of lockdown. He looks to his older sister for wisdom but never asks for it.

SISTER (26) - She’s just recently taken full responsibility for her entire family. She feels she needs to step up and she has no problem doing so. She hates to show weakness and she is the voice of reason. The only person she will show weakness to is her younger brother. She’s pretty, the life of the party, and always the one offering advice.

We are currently casting for these roles.

The idea the film tries to get across is that everyone will entertain their worse fears throughout a time of uncertainty and this is subtly done through a game of uncertainty and unpredictable results. The game of chess cleverly disguises the true desires and fears that both protagonists keep inside but as we delve into the film, we discover that communication and relationships play a fundamental role in keeping us moving forward during this unprecedented time.

Ammar Asif is Regina's Director and Producer. Having directed four of his undergraduate/postgraduate films, he strongly believes in the importance of giving everyone space to be creative and his respect for the opinions of others enables him to establish a healthy and friendly environment between cast and crew on set. He is passionate about creating meaningful content and his main motivation with this film is to produce something that connects the audience with human psychology and gives them an opportunity to empathise with its central characters. He also appreciates the importance of perseverance in these uncertain times and is dedicated to bringing this film to life.

Alice Lazzarotto Monteiro is the makeup artist/casting director on this project and has experience in casting for films of her own during her Master's degree. Initially from Brazil, Alice has worked with great people in the fashion industry and has experience as a make up artist on photoshoots for a project called All Tomorrow’s Parties. She has also done makeup at a runaway event for fashion designer Luiza Mecier in Brazil. This gave her the opportunity to experiment on both men and women of different ages and colours.

Nazgol Khammar is our Cinematographer. Her passion for photography led her to study it in art school before honing her photographic skill further with a BA in Photography from Azad University in Tehran. She admires the work of William Eggleston, Diane Arbus, and Stephen Shore. The brilliant work of Emmanuel Lubezki inspired her to take an MA in Film at Middlesex University and her desire to become a Director of Photography.

For this film to be made successfully, we hope to raise a total of £895.00. All the monies will go towards the following: 

- TALENT: £270 - During these unprecedented times it would be unfair not pay our actors as they will be contributing their time and effort to our film. To show our appreciation for their talent and dedication, we would like to ensure all receive some sort of payment. This amount will be used to pay our two main leads (described above) and two side actors who will be playing mum and dad.

- CATERING: £160 - Since everyone needs energy whilst working, we shall arrange food for cast and crew during the production. Lunch and snacks will be covered.

- POST-PRODUCTION: £140 - We will be paying a VFX Artist and Sound Engineer, in order to make our project impactful.

- PROPS: £125 - Small details are critical to ensuring this project stands out, so props will play a vital role in this film.

- TRANSPORT: £120 - This amount will be used to transport equipment to our filming location and to  cover crew travel costs.

- EXTRAS: £40 - There are a total of four extras in the film and this amount will be divided equally among them.

- MISCELLANEOUS: £40 - This cost is for any unforeseen emergencies and any unanticipated costs incurred during the pre-production.

As we are all living in an ongoing pandemic, we will be taking a number of steps to ensure  everyone's health and safety during production.  Here are the guidelines we will be following: 

1. Everyone shall check their temperature before arriving on the set/location to minimise the chances of the virus spreading

2. Everyone present on the set shall wear a mask, including actors (only exempt while filming)

3. Each individual shall be encouraged to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly

4. Social distance shall be maintained among cast and crew at all times

5. All the equipment/props shall be frequently disinfected

6. There shall be enhanced cleaning for regular touched areas, including sets and locations

7. Everyone shall sanitise their hands before/after camera rolling

8. We shall limit the number of cast and crew on the location wherever possible

9. A first aid kit will be available on set and this will include PPE (to ensure we are following government guidelines)

10. There will be a Covid-19 supervisor

11. Risk Assessments and Method Statements shall include a full assessment of COVID-19 specific risks.






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