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Virtual Zine Mag - An Online Literary Magazine to Promote Diversity & Inclusion


Founded in March 2018, Virtual Zine is an online literary magazine that celebrates diversity in both fiction and creative non-fiction writing. Our mission is to showcase established and emerging writers alike, demonstrating the variety of styles that come from the unique filter of personal experience. 

What makes us different

All over the world more and more people write creatively in English as second language, however almost none of these exophonic writers manage mainstream success. We are trying to change that and give more people the chance to be published and have their voice heard!

To us, unique storytelling is more important than immaculate prose, especially as we are keen to promote the inclusion of exophonic authors and those newer to the craft. For this reason our team of FIVE editors volunteer their time and expertise to polish pieces worthy of publication that were not perfectly drafted at time of submission. 

This is what sets us apart - usually pieces that are not immaculate will just get rejected, which meansexophonic writers and less experience ones often struggle to achieve publication.


Laura Monselice Danks 

Born in Milan, Laura studied Classics in Italy then lived a little everywhere before settling in the UK. She is currently studying for a MA in Novel Writing at Middlesex University. She had two novels published and she is writing a crime series with an Italian main character. Her words can be found in a few zines or on Insta/FB/Twitter @auradanks and she understands the struggle to get published when writing in second language, which is the reason why she funded Virtual Zine Magazine. 


Virtual Zine  has published flash fiction and short stories written by authors from all over the word. We usually publish literary fiction but during the first lockdown in March 2020 we heard the frustration of many people who wanted to write but couldn't concentrate because of the distress of the pandemic.

For that reason we launched "Pandemonium" a competition for the worse flash fiction ever written for April Fool's. Many writers submitted and found a release from their anxiety.

Why we need your help

We are a non-for-profit zine and didn't have any money left to pay for the renewal of the website (£200 +VAT), however when we announced we were closing down, many of the authors we published and our loyal readers offered us donations to go towards renewal of our website contract.

All the money raised through this crowdfunding campaign will be re-invested into the running of our zine, alongside the donations already received from readers and authors.  

Breakdown of where your money will be invested:

First and most urgent is the renewal of our website hosting contract. Further money raised will be use to expand our CNF - creative non-fiction - by paying authors for their content.

We'll also invest the money in raising the profile of our zine by running competitions with small, voluntary paid-for submission fees (which will help us cover our running costs on an on going basis) and monetary prizes, while offering free submissions to low income/marginalised writers. You can find out ore about the Valentine's Day Special competition we have been running below! This will give you an example of the types of competition we'll be running.

Any money raised above our target will go towards renewal of our website contract next year.


Given the success of our April Fool's competition, we decided to launch a Valentine's day competition for amusing love poems of 100 words or less (title NOT included) asking for a recommended £1 donation (not compulsory) with each submission. There is no prize for the V100 - Valentine's Day competition, only glory!

Raffle for our generous donors and crowdfunding sponsors!

As so many people have given generous donations to support our future and as submission fees for our Valentine's Day Special, we have decided to enter these generous contributors into a raffle! For every £1 given, raffle entrants will receive one raffle ticket!

Courtesy of one of our friends, the grand price up for grabs is 1 x membership of Retreat West's fantastic Community Collaborator plan (*

The winner will be randomly selected on the 1st of March 2021. VirtualZine Mag's birthday - 1st of March 2021 (the winner will be contact privately - make sure we can find you!)

*There is no alternative cash-prize and he prize cannot be swapped for any other Retreat West plan. In the event the winner has a Retreat West "Community Collaborator" membership, the prize can be used for renewal.

Follow our progress

To find out more about Virtual Zine and to follow our progress, please visit: