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This is your chance to demonstrate to sponsors why they should fund your idea or project and not somebody else’s. Be succinct and clear but most importantly be creative with your pitch and make it engaging!

The most successful projects offer a well-defined overview of who the project creators are, what they hope to achieve and how they are going to get there, the funding you require and your deadline for raising this.

The sort of information potential sponsors are likely to be interested in includes:

Who you are

Introduce yourself and anyone else on your project team.

- It's good to be brief at this point as those donating can always ask for fuller biographies if they would like them!

Your story and vision

This is your chance to capture your audience's attention. It is important to be able to convey to potential donors WHY what you're doing is unique, interesting, educational, entertaining, worthwhile or socially valuable.

- Tell them what your motivations are (i.e. what inspired you and why you are doing it)

- Explain why your project matters and what impact they will have by giving money.

Your plan of action

Sponsors want to be able to judge whether they think your project is feasible or not. They want to be reassured that their generous donations will be put to good use. Your pitch should seek to address the following question areas:

- What will you spend the funding on if you hit your minimum fundraising target?

- Where will the additional money go if you hit your full target?

- What will you do with extra funds if things really take off and you raise more than your target?

- How often will you give updates on your progress when you're running your project or campaign?

It's not a bad idea to provide a breakdown of costs, so something like this:

- Venue hire (one week): £2300

- AV equipment hire (5 nights @ £400/night): £2000

- Travel (van hire & petrol): £243

- Production costs: £1000

- Printing costs (200 copies): £60

Note that all numbers and items above are completely made up!

Your rewards

There is no need to say too much here as your rewards will be listed alongside your pitch but it's worth mentioning what you are offering to anyone who donates to you.

Remember to add images and video!

Adding video content and pictures to your pitch gives more of a flavour of what you're attempting to do or achieve and will help bring your project to life.

Consider drawing on skills and expertise from elsewhere around Middlesex University!

If there are students or staff with skills and expertise that could be useful to your project, why not approach them. For example, there might be marketing or PR students happy to help you draw up a plan for promotion of your project or film students who can help you with your crowdfunding video.

We might also be able to make introductions to useful University contacts for you, so get in touch with us at businesscrowdfund@mdx.ac.uk.

Let project sponsors know where they can find you

Add links to your website, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or other sites where you'll be giving (very regular) updates during your fundraising campaign.

- Remember to tell people to follow you to see how you are doing.

Ask sponsors to spread the word!

You need as many people as possible to be talking about your project. Ask all of your contacts for help promoting the project. Here's an example of the type of thing you might say:

If you can’t donate personally, you can still help me/us by spreading the word about my/our project to your own network of contacts.

Please share this project with anyone you think would support me/us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in person or on your blog.

By helping me/us promote the project, the greater chance I/we have of turning my/our bright idea into reality. Your support really matters.

Of course if you are also able to make a small personal donation and sponsor my/our project, I/we would be very grateful.