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What is our TV studio show about?

Given the countries paranoia about issues relating to Brexit, we wanted to make an exciting and topical game show focused on all things British.

Our pilot will combine entertainment, competition and nostalgia as our two competing teams pit themselves against each other for a chance to win the coveted That's so British trophy and reminisce about growing up in Britain.

The show will feature four rounds in which participants compete to unscramble anagrams of counties, guess regional accents and a round filmed on location where participants compete in their very own sports day. The team that receives the most points will then move on to the final round where one chosen team member will test their knowledge of the British citizenship test, for a chance to take home both a sense of national pride and the winning prize.

Our participants:

We will source the participants through using societies at the university and finding friend groups that represent Britain's cultural diversity.

Finding our Host and Grumpy Ref!

Talent agencies and casting sites will be used to find both the Show's Host and Grumpy Ref character, to help ensure we have experienced and bubbly characters to help ensure our show is a success. 


Our motivation for making this show comes from a desire to present the vast culture throughout Britain and unity across all four nations, despite debates around independence etc. We want to highlight the importance of being English, Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish but also the importance of coming together in difficult times.

We want our show to appeal to people of all ages across the four fine countries that make up the British Isles!

Meet the crew

Executive Producers: Deborah Klika, Basil Glynn, David Wheeler

Producer: Lauren Stansbury.

Director: Federico Favretto. 

Production Manager: Rebecca Boyfield

Floor Manger: Hollie Farrington. Sound Engineer: Daria Doksa. Camera Supervisor: Usaama Naji. Lighting Director: Todd Norris. Set Team: Joshua Gibson, Jayda Oshinboni, Abdul Muhid, Liam Freeman. Vision Mixer: Luke Hyde. Graphics: Cory Greeves. Post-production Editor, VT Operator: Jayda Oshinboni. Researcher: Liam Freeman, Sarah Waller, Courtney Buabeng. 

plan of action

That's so British will be shot at Middlesex University in Television Studio A, which was designed by Sony and complies with current broadcast standards. Shooting in this studio provides us with access to state-of-the-art technology and equipment. We are very fortunate to have been given access to this space for free.

Where you come in

We plan on transforming the studio into a panel-styled game show, dressed with all things British - from flags to monuments and other types of recognisable cultural decor. We want to produce the best game show layout and to do that, we want to create a bright vibrant set that enables audiences to feel more engaged with the show.

To make this happen though, we need  your support!

Any donations will also go towards enabling us to source the best talent to host the show and other items required to ensure participants and the gameshow host can get to and from filming (i.e. transport) and feel well looked after once on set.

In total we are looking to raise £1,000 - here is our budget breakdown:

  • Presenter - £100 (rehearsal and production day)
  • Travel Expenses - £275 (For participants and Grumpy Ref - £15 per person each day shooting)
  • Catering for Talent and Crew to keep them happy during filming - £15 (Coffee, tea and biscuits) 
  • Set Dressing - £200 (To make it look all pretty and very British!)
  • Prize - £10 (This will cover the cost of making our trophy)
  • Crew T-Shirt - £150 (To create our 'Show Brand').

Budget used for location filming shoot:

  • White polo shirts and blue shorts for participants- £130
  • Referee Costume - £20
  • Set Props - £50 (Cones, hurdles, sacks, egg and spoon etc.)
  • Location Cost - £50.

Any money raised over our target will go towards further set build and dressing so that our studio's design is vibrant, visually engaging and above all, conveys 'Britishness' as a whole. 

Our commitment to you

Our commitment to the audience of That's so British is to create a fun and engaging game show, which viewers enjoy and makes them laugh. Above all, we want our show to encourage viewers to feel proud to be British. We promise to highlight the vast culture throughout the British Isles and entertain you along the way!

where you can find us

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Please spread the word!

Please feel free to share the campaign in any form - the more people who hear about it, the greater likelihood of us hitting our fundraising target. As a team we are looking forward to bringing this vision to life.

thank you!!

Every donation is much appreciated, as it will help ensure our production is a success.

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