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An astronaut struggles to end her life, SIMON, the AI computer, has his motives to keep her alive.

Hi! We are Will Piddington (Director) and Cristian Pedraza (Producer). Together, we are leading the team for That’s Life . We all have many opportunities which come and go all the time. Will and I have decided to take this opportunity and we would like you to be part of it as well. This project is not only about entertainment, we are all responsible for making the world a better place - that’s life. This is why we are working together.

The story is about nihilism. It shows the fact that life is often pointless and meaningless anyway. Bad and good things happen in life and you can't stop them, that's just life. It also contains valuable content about life’s ups and downs. It sends a message to remain calm in difficult situations and appreciate what we have.

That’s why we have decided to join and make this story happen. We have got a good support network which we highly appreciate. However, this support hasn’t been enough and we still need more help to achieve our goal. Fortunately, you can be part of this wonderful experience. In return we offer:

-        Entertainment

-        Our commitment to ensuring this project will succeed

-        Constant updates on all we achieve with the help of your donations

-        And of course...rewards!!!

that's life - synopsis

Far above Earth II's atmosphere Bo can't go on. She wants to die. But her only friend SIMON, the on board AI, clearly has his best interests at heart as he tries to talk Bo out of it. SIMON may have more intentions than he lets on though as Bo struggles to die. A dark comedy about life.

Who we are

Will Piddington, 22 - I like long walks on the beach, lazy Sunday afternoons and I'm mortally afraid that one day machines will rise up and enslave us. That's why I personally thank my coffee maker for every coffee it makes and compliment it on how handsome it looks today (even on the days it decides to wear that terrible Garfield tie I hate.)

Cristian Pedraza, Colombian, 26 - I love afternoon bike rides even though riding a bicycle in London is frightening. I believe there is a better future for everyone and films are a strong way of helping to construct this future. I don’t like fully cooked eggs, soft yolks on bread… That’s Life!

What do you think about this project?


"That's Life is a story I've had bouncing around in my head for years. A mortality tale about a SIMON shaped robot that wants to keep his best friend alive. Now, finally, I have the chance to subject you all to this hellish story. But there's a catch. I need you r help. Building a spaceship made of VHS machines and floppy disks isn't cheap and then there's the outrageous price of rocket fuel nowadays. We need your help."


"I think this project is an opportunity to convey a message which questions our behaviour in life. The story covers problems we all face every day. Even though the project is challenging I think it is doable. We need to work hard, but come on! Easy things are not as interesting.

Our full interview is at the bottom of the page.

Our plan of action

Our goal is to raise £1200 and our minimum amount goal is £850.

This is the plan:

If we reach our minimum...

We will be able to cover the set, the actors, props and transport.

If we hit our target...

If we hit out target we will be able to feed the crew and submit the project to film festivals.

What about if things really take off and we raise more than our target?

Well if we get a small amount extra, we will enter the film into more festivals. If we get a big amount extra, it means people really like what we are doing. If this happens, we will do another film! Will has been developing several scripts which we want to bring to reality.

Any updates about the project?

Of course! We will update you with how things are going during our campaign. We will post updates once a week - most likely Sundays. The updates will be uploaded here on our crowdfunding page, as well as our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

How to donate

This crowdfunding page receives donations by PayPal, however if you want to donate by bank transfer or even give cash, please contact Cristian or Will directly (you can email us by clicking the get in touch button on this page). After you donate, your name and donation will be reflected on this crowdfunding website - unless you choose to remain anonymous.

Unable to donate  but still want to help us?

We understand that sometimes monetary donations are not part of everyone’s way of helping for different reasons - That’s Life and THAT’S NOT PROBLEM AT ALL!! You can still help us in different ways. First of all, you can start by simply sharing this campaign with your contacts through your own social media (Facebook, Twitter, What’sapp, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat, Space, you know just a few, Sondico, YouTube, Yahoo, Google, Badoo, Vimeo, Wordpress etc… :D just a few). Iit’s always good if you mention why you want to help us - we know someone in your contact list will be interested.

Please get in touch if you want help us even more. We appreciate your support. #anyhandhelps . By supporting us we can get closer to make this story happen.


Why are you particularly interested on Sci-fi?


"I've always loved the over-the-top sillyness of 70s Sci-fi sets. Finally, man had achieved space travel. The final frontier, intergalactic treaties and all that. And yet the ship's computer still needs a cassette tape to function. I feel like this era of science fiction has some amazing stories by some brilliant storytellers, but you get too hung up on the quality of the footage watching it back now, in the far-off future of the 21st century. I want That's Life to be a perfect marriage of modern conceptions of Sci-fi and the cheesy technology of the past.

How has it been being the director/producer of That's Life?


"As a director I seem to stick to bottleneck stories. Nice little self-contained slices of hell. My other films, one of which concerned a woman eating her family for Christmas, and the other a Japanese girl murdering her boyfriend, you can see below. With That's Life I want to go bigger and better than these. I always spearhead the art department of each film I direct and the cheesy 70s/80s Sci-fi will be no different. Even now I'm drawing set designs and building robots in my garage (no maniacal AIs yet, though one did play a mean game of chess.)"


"Leading any kind of project will always be challenging, especially when you have a team that you have to organise. You learn more with every project you do. You never stop learning and you always have to be open to new challenges. Being a producer is a tough, great profession. Pretty much like life."

Why did you decide to work together?


"Cristian has always been a great Producer, you say I want a spaceship and I want it to really fly. Christian will build you one. His background in great producing AND building spaceships is why I think he's perfect to create this project. I mean just check out the other stuff he's done!"


"When Will contacted me regarding the project there was something that caught my attention. Will was sure about the story and realistic about the beast he was about to face. I realised I had made a good decision to get involved after a very short time."


Will Piddington -  A writer and director of many short dark comedies that make people both grimace at the content and laugh at the hilarity of the situations he writes. His style often calls upon over-saturation of on screen grading and unnatural lighting. This gives his films an constant uncomfortable, unnatural yet unique feel as our eyes and brains are accustomed to certain colour scheme in nature. Will directed an adaptation of the horror manga Love as Scripted, which was recognised by the original author. One of his short stories will be featured in award-winning comic anthology Twisted SciFi.

Cristian Pedraza - Cristian is a producer who comes from Colombia but has lived in London since December 2013. He started his career in films in 2015 when he was awarded a scholarship to study BA Film at Middlesex University. There he has been involved in several University film projects,  mostly as a producer or working in production-related roles. His bi-cultural and bilingual background allows him to be part of different projects. Cristian currently works part-time at Shoreditch Townhouse and in Neulion as a streaming editor.

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