The Gentleman

A project by: Filip Wiecha


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A young woman is approached by a mysterious Gentleman and begins to question all that she believes.


The Gentleman is a short period mystery drama telling the story of Alice, a young woman in the 1900s who finds herself standing at a cemetery. As she is approached by a mysterious gentleman in a top hat, their innocent conversation soon takes a more sinister turn as Alice realises she has no memory of how she came to be at the cemetery or who she is mourning. The gentleman, who appears to known more than he lets on, attempts to help Alice fill in the blanks... 

If you would like to know how this story concludes, we invite you to come back to see the result of your generous donation!


Filip Wiecha - Director / Writer

Ellis Coghiel - Producer / Script Editor

Isaac Pimm - Camera

Ursule Mutingwa - Production Manager / 1st AD

Harrison Crowsley - Editor / Composer

Joseph Ferris - Sound Recordist

Dilly Kaur - Covid Supervisor / Sound Assistant

Manuel Velez - DOP / Lighting

Timea Moshaver - Costumes


ALICE - A sweet and kind young woman in a beautiful long dress, who is interrupted while mourning her dead husband by a stranger. Alice is then led to start to question her own memories and eventually to a realisation which will shatter her to the core.

THE GENTLEMAN - A mysterious, charming stranger who approaches a grieving Alice. Once gaining her trust through his words of comfort, he begins to show his true colours.

HENRY - Alice’s late husband, who is seen in a series of flashback memories. A kind and caring man as originally perceived by Alice, until her true memories slowly creep in and reveal him to be a hot tempered and abusive spouse.

safety during covID

Our production will be occur in two locations, both of which are exterior sets, providing plenty of space and fresh air. To ensure further safety during Covid, the set will feature a maximum of of six people on set which no more than two actors sharing scenes. We will be arranging regular coved-19 tests for every member of the cast and crew and supplying the set with hand sanitiser and masks, ensuring a safe and isolated working environment . The crew have also passed and been awarded their Covid safety ScreenSkills test certificates.


To bring our story to the screen, we need to raise some funds. With the help of some generous donors, we can make our film a reality! Here is where your money will go:

  • Actors - £230
  • Locations - £350
  • Props - £35
  • Costumes - £200
  • Make-up Artist - £185

TOTAL: £1000


Donations from £10 and over come with rewards, please see the right hand side of our crowdfunding page for more details!


At present we are living in fairly uncertain times due to the global pandemic. In the event we can't deliver our project, we will be refunding donors minus any costs we have incurred during pre-production. This means if we spend 20% of what we raise from donors, you'll get 80% of your initial donation returned.

In the event donors indicate they don't want refunds, we'll be donating these to Women’s Aid, a national charity working to end abuse against women and children.

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