The Orange Typewriter

A project by: Karla Isabel Barroso

pledged of £4,475 target

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Que tengas mucha suerte cariño. Tienes estrella. Tu Abu y tu tata. ♥️♥️

Deseo de todo corazón que vuestro esfuerzo, que se que es mucho, se vea recompensado en el presente y en el futuro. Mucha suerte con el proyecto

To everyone who has shared and supported our project so far, thank you from the cast and crew!!

Thanks Karla for all, as you know , your personality , your person , in fact, you, you are impressed our members odf our family , for that reason , you are a specially person in oir lives. We love you Karla ,

You’ll Smash it :)

Good luck lovelies (hehe)

Good Luck!